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Zoe’s Cheerful Monster Nursery


One of the many joys of having a new baby is creating the perfect nursery that will grow with my little girl as she grows up from a teeny newborn to a toddler. I was determined to design something fun, bright and cheerful. I wanted lots of color and nothing too girly. I wanted something that hasn't been done a million times over either - like jungle animals. Though monsters were gaining popularity, I knew our nursery would be unique.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I came up with the monster theme prior to knowing the gender of our baby after looking around Etsy for nursery inspiration. Once we knew the gender, I got this crazy idea that I wanted the nursery to be aqua, teal and purple with an emphasis on bright, vibrant colors. I wanted something modern, but still cute and fun. And, since I knew we were having a girl, I didn't want anything that was 'girly' or had been done a million times before.

Decorating Style

I'd describe my decorating style as modern, bright and cheerful.

Project Details

The driving force behind our decor for the nursery is the fabulous Emily of Blue Star Ink, LLC. Emily makes these GREAT plush dolls called Fuzzies. I knew I wanted one for my little girl and that is where the conversation began….At the end of it all, Emily created our mobile, both Fuzzies, Zoe’s Ni-Ni and all the illustrations for the nursery. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what Emily created for our nursery and think she is simply the bomb!

Here’s a run down of the nursery and where things came from:

1) Crib: Babies R Us
2) Changing Table & Dresser: Hand-me downs that were refinished by Booth 121; Knobs from Target and Anthropologie
3) Glider: Buy, Buy Baby
4) Rug: Land of Nod
5) Bedding & Changing Pad Cover: Modified Tot
6) Book Shelves: Custom Made by Grandpa Bob
7) Curtains: Custom Made by Grandma Marie
8) Magenta Ottoman, Teal Lamp: Target
9) White Shelf: IKEA
10) Multi-Colored Storage Baskets: Land of Nod
11) Mobile: Blue Star Ink LLC
12) Illustrations: Blue Star Ink LLC; Framing by Hobby Lobby
13) Fuzzies & Ni-Ni: Blue Star Ink

14) Monster Diaper Caddy: NikJ Designs

Favorite Items

Favorite Item in the Nursery has to be the Fuzzies from Blue Star Ink. So stinking adorable!


My advice - go with your first instinct and don't be afraid to give up some control to others. I was completely overwhelmed when putting together my custom bedding because I was in control of the decision making. When it came to the decor (illustrations, mobile, Fuzzies), I provided some basic guidance to our designer (Emily) and let her run with it. It couldn't have turned out better!

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  1. avatar Chrissy says:

    So fun! Also wondering the paint color used on walls? This room is the exact color scheme my daughter requested and I love the shade of grey you selected!!! I’d be so appreciative if you could share!

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  3. avatar Kristin says:

    Gray color paint? Love the room

  4. avatar curltess says:

    what a fun and inspiring nursery. i truly love the colors. what is the name of the fabric used for curtains?

  5. avatar Erin Rippy says:

    How inspiring! The colors are GORGEOUS! Fresh and unexpected, lovely fun textures. Great space! I especially love the fabrics, and the orange painted side table.

  6. avatar Patricia H says:

    This is a gorgeous room!!! What’s the name of the gray color on the walls???

  7. avatar Mrs. Kinne says:

    Such a beautiful and creative nursery!

  8. avatar Amanda N says:

    This is gorgeous!

  9. avatar Amy G says:

    Love the nursery Andrea!! Beautiful and colorful and FUN!

  10. avatar Hannah says:

    Thanks Andrea. Crazy site!

    I think this is the fabric for those interested

  11. avatar Andrea says:

    Ceilidh Gray,

    The crib is: Sorelle Commuter Convertible Crib – White

    It was $309 from Babies R Us. We love it!

  12. avatar Andrea says:


    I found the fabric on HIGHLY recommend this site. So many cute fabrics out there! :)

  13. avatar Andrea says:


    The fabric for the window treatments was found on

  14. avatar Ceilidh Gray says:

    Whats the information for the crib (brand and style)? I love it! The whole room is just gorgeous, great job!

  15. avatar kateandgracie says:

    This is fabulous! I love the colors.

  16. avatar Frauline Melfi says:

    I love your fun and funky colors and your playful use of various patterns. Your monster mobile is just adorable, too.

  17. avatar Hannah says:

    It’s beautiful! I love bright happy nurseries and the monster theme is cute. I am aslo very interested in knowing what the fabric for the curtains is?

  18. avatar C.Jackson says:

    The room you have created is beautiful. It is so cheerful and bright! Where did you find the fabric for the window treatments?

  19. avatar SharoniNoni says:

    Lovely room. The colours work great together and the theme is very cute! Wonderful job!