Zara’s Nursery

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Here is the pink version of Cameron's nursery.

Design Inspiration

I saw Cameron's nursery on this site and decided to do a pink version for my girl! Thanks Cameron! :)

Decorating Style


Project Details

Ikea for the rug, frame and shelf.

My sister gave me her old crib.

The flower in the picture frame is a picture from our recent trip to Thaïland.

I spray painted white an old table lamp and the rocking chair.

Favorite Items

1. The tree, a must.  2. My grand-mother's  pink sheet.


Wall decal make a real statement. Frame your picture.


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    Love, Zara’s room!  Would love to use that same gray color on a project I’m working on.  DO you mind giving up the name of the paint?  :))) pleassse.

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    I like the white and pink tree and bird wall decal, and it really is perfect with your light gray room. And hey, that rocking chair looks really cute!

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    The rocking chair is from my grand-mother. Old stuff painted white. In Québec everyone has one in the family. Practical because it can be folded.

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    J’ai eu la chance de garder la petite Zara qui dormait dans cette chambre et c’est magnifique.
    c’est zen, doux, fi-fille, on a vraiment envie de s’y bercer…

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