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Zane’s Room


A contemporay colorful bubbly baby boy's room. I hand painted the mural of colorful bubbles all across the room on an icy blue grey wall. I wanted a room that was fun yet serene and that would handle colorful toys and books without clashing.

Design Inspiration

A love of color and art.

Decorating Style

Colrful, playful, easy, livable and non matchy matchy.

Project Details

Wall color Sherwin Williams Tibetan Blue. Bedding, Fabrics Book shelves and storage crib

Favorite Items

The mural I painted pregnant ,huge and swollen, with no ac or light during hurricane Ike!


Don't follow a theme and don't limit yourself with colors, textures and shapes. Have fun with it,. Remeber that the room will be used and has to be functional. a big soft rug is wonderful,, creates a great little play area, and relaxation area before bedtime.My dream nursery was an all white pristine room , then i envisioned the big plastic red fire truck invading my flawless decor.. Think easy and quick storage.Design a space that will grow with your child's needs. Be a little bold, babies love strong lines and shapes.

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  1. avatar msg422000 says:

    I am going to try these polka dots in our playroom.  I am wondering what size your largest dots are.

  2. avatar MelodyKate says:

    I love it! THIS looks like a child’s room- not like a porcelain doll’s room. I’m with you- as much as I love those rooms (soooo beautiful) I want a room where my child and I can play on the floor together!

  3. avatar AHolbein says:

    I love the walls in your room! Where did you find your mobile?

  4. avatar rainbeforeitfalls says:

    I absolutely love this room! the mural is so fantastic, bravo! before i read the description i thought they were wall stickers!

  5. avatar noelleshawa says:

    Brisk Rain, thanks, i am glad you love it as much as I do! I did the circles free hand,I am an artist so it was easy to do so. but you can get circle stencils, or cut them out, or trace them out lightly with pencil (which I prefer as stencils allow paint to bleed). Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. avatar BriskRain says:

    The mural is so lovely.  such a work of art and love.  I congratulate you on this room.  Did you actually have help with the circles?  I love how you mix together different colors.

  7. avatar hawahawa says:

    There’s just too much going on here, but I really really really love this room.  I think if I were a baby, I’d love gazing at the walls here!

  8. avatar cag says:

    Just Beautiful and so much fun!

  9. avatar tc1729 says:

    I love your room. The colors you chose are colorful and creative. I agree on what you’ve mentioned on not going with an exact theme. Great job! Gorgeous room.