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Zander’s Nautical Nursery


I racked my brain for the perfect theme for our first born... a boy. I knew I didn't want to be to "baby" and I knew my husband and I would have to agree. Finally... a distressed sailboat came into view and there was the beginning of what is now my favorite room in the house! A vintage/modern Nautical nursery.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration were the first 2 items I found and purchased that I knew I wanted to be the direction his room went in.  The white distressed sailboat and the blue "All my Love, All my Life" sign that was hung with rope.

Decorating Style

What best describes my decorating style?  Warm and cozy.  I would love if every room in my home made anyone else who walked into it feel "at home." 

Project Details

Somehow, almost everything for his room ended up to be from Homegood's.  I'd search for a piece (i.e., a lamp) for a week and then walk into a Homegoods and find the perfect item!  I also played with a lot of paint websites, putting all the different shades of nautical blues against warm tan's.  The room turned out exactly like my final picture!

Favorite Items

I'd have to say that his wooden Z (that someone made for me), his lamp and his swing shelf are my favorite items.  Of course, everything personalized makes me feel warm and fuzzy but I'd have to say those items out of what I purchased. 


Search for bargains and dont be in a hurry to buy!  If I would have listened to my inner angst, I would have filled his room with pieces that I thought were perfect just because I wanted it all done and ready for him!


Wednesday 16th of September 2015

Do you know where I can purchase a life preserver for my daughter's nautical baby shower?

Thank you


Monday 15th of August 2011

cute table lamp!


Monday 15th of August 2011

Love it! It's perfect... what did you hang for curtains? Or are you going to?


Friday 12th of August 2011

Love the sailboat. And the oar with the wooden flags. And the swing shelf. And the and the floater above the toilet.