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You are My Sunshine!


Izabella's nursery inspired by the "You Are My Sunshine" lullaby.

Design Inspiration

When my husband and I first got together he called me his sunshine. When we got pregnant I started calling her my sunshine. I wanted to base her nursery off the famous lullaby and keep her nursery bright and cheerful. I've never been a fan of character themes or pastel colors. I wanted a room that would be the happiest place in the world for our baby girl. Plus bright colors and contrast are very appealing to babies.

Decorating Style

Modern, colorful & fun!

Project Details

Wall Decals by Christy (amazing products & customer service!):

Crib: Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Crib in Two Tone (Espresso & White)

@ Target: storage shelves & fabric bins, lamp & shade, rainbow pillow, flower toy bin, green garbage pail

Glider: Older model Dutailer bought off craigslist for $40 My husband painted it white and I reupholstered the cushions with green fabric.

Bedding: (Solid Orange)

Changing Table/Dresser: Built by Grandpa

Bouncer: Combi Pod Bouncer in Tangerine

Book Shelf: Bought from vintage etsy shop & painted yellow. No clue what they are but they work great for books.

Favorite Items

I love the entire room...I couldn't possibly pick a favorite!


Pick one item that has all the colors you want to include in the room (i.e. my rainbow pillow). Then use all of those colors but only in solids. You can use other pieces with two or more of the colors in it but it must be a simple design or pattern. Adding too many other designs/patterns is difficult and doesn't always look best.


Thursday 19th of August 2010

Haha...Yea, I was aiming for bright. :o) Thanks.


Thursday 19th of August 2010

For my part, this room would have been perfect if you had toned down on the colors.  Nevertheless, it's obviously a labor of love :)  I like it!


Thursday 12th of August 2010

Thank you! 

karamo81- I just searched and searched and really the person selling them didn't even know what they were for. I just searched all vintage sellers and looked for anything that could be used as shelves and that I could paint or fix up if they were in bad shape.

CreativeCrumbs- Thank you so much! I actually worked at a preschool so I knew a bit about colors and eye development. But I really wanted something that wasn't pastels and all snooze. I wanted something fun and playful for her. :o)


Wednesday 11th of August 2010

I love the story behind this room :)  I love the room itself.  The colors a great too, I think that you're right in saying that the bright contrasts develop a baby's vision and intelligence.


Saturday 7th of August 2010

Hey, can you tell me what you typed in on Vintage Etsy to find those cute book shelves you painted yellow? I would love to find something like them or similar but haven't found anything like them yet.