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Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party


Themed Birthday Party

Design Inspiration

Yo Gabba son's favorite show on Nick Jr.

Decorating Style

Fun, functional & colorful

Project Details

Well, I ended up make much of the decor, not only for budget purposes but for aesthetics as well.  I had an idea in mind and wanted to create it.  The highlight of the party was the candy buffet.  Kids were given little bags to fill up with sugary treats as favors.  To create the buffet table backdrop I took inexpensive fabric ($3.99) from Joann's to dress the wall to match the color scheme.  I also mixed some store bought Martha Stewart tissue poms from Michaels with some that I made to save a few $$$.  The cupcake were topped off with custom fondant cupcake toppers by Two Sugar Babies and party dots by Fresh Chick Design Studio

Favorite Items

The candy buffet!!  I have the worst sweet tooth!!


Plan out in advance how you  would like things to lay out.  This will save a lot of time the day of the party and will help to make sure all the details are covered!


Wednesday 26th of April 2023

Hola estan lindos donde consigio los dispensadores de dulces porfa

Gena Williams

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

Where did you get the mini banks


Wednesday 6th of October 2010

Where did you get the mini candy dispensers from? they are super cute!!


Sunday 29th of August 2010

Rebecca, I love it.  I had a friend design her 3 year old's party, and it was based on Dora.  The kid is a boy :)  In any case, I really like the buffet idea, and think that it's a good way to let the kids let loose :)


Friday 27th of August 2010

Really cute!  Where did you get the candy jar labels?