Woodland Vintage Nursery

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I wanted something with a vintage feel and plenty of heirloom pieces.  I tried to avoid anything too theme-like but couldn't resist the charm of little woodland creatures.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the the fox blanket I bought before I was pregnant.  We started decorating before we found out the sex so we made the room neutral with my two favorite colors, orange and grey.

Decorating Style

I love americana and antiques from the first half of the last century and I really wanted the nursery to reflect that but without feeling old.  My goal was fresh and fun.

Project Details

Wall Colors: Valspar Autumn Orange & Stormy Skies

Crib, Dresser & Hutch: Basset Baby Ava (Buy Buy Baby)

Bookshelf: Made by maternal great-grandfather

Glider: Target

Coat Tree: Heirloom from maternal grandmother

Bear Photo: "Teton Teddy" by Thomas Mengelsen

Owl Chalkboard: saveoncrafts.com

Fox Print: GandGPrints on Etsy

North American Animals Print: ameliapresents.com

Other Prints: trafalgarsquare on Etsy

Mobile: atlierbloom on Etsy

Raggedy Ann/Andy Book Ends: Heirloom from me, made by my grandfather

Quilt: Made by a family friend, fabric from Spoonflower

Grey Fox Pillow: supayana on Etsy

Blue Fox Pillow: Made by me, fabric from JoAnn's

Fox Blanket: SewnNatural on Etsy

Fitted Sheet: Circo

Crib Skirt: Made by me, fabric from Spoonflower

Grey Initials: painted by me, purchased at JoAnn's

Fabric Hoops: made by me, fabric from JoAnn's, Sarah's Fabric

White Floating Shelves: Target

Curtain: Heirloom  from me, made by me and my mother

Doll Cradle: Heirloom from me, made by my grandfather

Favorite Items

Bookshelf made by my grandfather.  It was always in my room growing up and I'm so glad  I can share it with my little girl.


Don't be afraid to use bold colors and mix styles.


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    That is an adorable mobile! I also love those fabrics with fun prints that you placed in embroidery rings.

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