Woodland Lumberjack Nursery

  • Woodland Themed Nursery

  • Woodland Themed Changing area

  • Tree Bookshelf

  • Reclaimed Wood Wall

  • Changing Area

  • Reclaimed Wood Clock

  • Reclaimed Wood Tree Bookshelf

  • Water Trough Toy Box

  • Forever Young lyrics

  • Forever Young lyrics

  • Crib Bedding

  • Completed Project



We wanted to create a nursery for our first child that was special and all boy. We are a hunting/fishing nature family and wanted to incorporate all of that in our design. My husband created much of the wood decor projects, while I designed the layout.


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    I love this! What color are the walls? I tried to pick something similar, but it turned out more of an army green.

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    I absolutely love this. It’s exactly what I’ve Been looking for!! Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration!!!!

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    Hello! the book shelf and curtains were both handmade. My mother inlaw sewed the curtains and my husband made the bookshelf from some old lumber. Sorry cant be of more help! I know its difficult finding items to purchase for a theme like this so we ended up making alot of the decor.

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    Water trough- Tractor Supply

    Bedding- Mother In Law sewed the pillows, quilt, and skirt. The sheets were ordered off of Amazon.

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    The Animal Track Print came from Hobby Lobby :) Love their decor and always a good price!

    and thank you, My MIL is amazing and was excited to sew anything she could for our little boy Rhett’s room.

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    A friend made the garland above the crib. It was just pieces of fabric cut and tied on burlap string. It has since been removed, as my son is now sleeping in his crib and its no longer safe. But may use it else where in the room eventually.

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    The lid is a thick piece of plywood, with foam piece cut to size, and then fabric wrapped and folded over the top. The lid is attached with hinges to the trough. It is pretty heavy though so my husband is going to install a hydraulic lift to help ease opening it for our son.

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    Pillow’s are homemade, just sewn fabric over a old pillow. And the wood above the crib is old wood we had in the yard, with a clean stain over it to give it a sheen.

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    In regards to the hinges you used on the water trough lid, can you let me know where you found them?

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    I love your crib bedding! My daughter wants a woodland theme and we have been unable to find a “cheater quilt” that has all the animals represented. Did your Mom use a cheater quilt and if so , do you mind sharing where she found it? It will be a huge help for this stressed out first Grandma lol
    Thank you so much!

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    Yes Lisa, it was a cheater quilt and she got the fabric off of Etsy. Very simply since she isn’t a quilter but does sew really well!. She made the skirt, quilt, and pillow covers. The sheets were purchased off Amazon, she didn’t sew those.

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    Thank you so much for replying! I will continue to look on Etsy to see if I can find the cheater quilt like yours.
    Best of wishes to you and your family!

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    My sons name is Barrett and this looks so much like his nursery except we did buffalo plaid and camo! So neat! Our little guy will be here in a few weeks and I’m trying to finalize his room and I’m so glad I found this. I also love in the u.p. and would love to know where you got the red u.p. wall hanging

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    Hi TeJay! Thanks for viewing, my son is now 8 months old and we love spending time in his room, it is very tranquil. Filled with more toys now, but regardless a wonderful little boy room.
    My husband is a welding fabricator so he cut the UP out of steel on a plasma table. Very easy to do if you know anyone with a plasma cutter, or any fab shop could do anything you need no problem! My husband is very creative as well. He was very helpful in prepping our sons room while we waited for him to be born.

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    Hi there! I’m in love with the tree bookshelf! Do you happen to know the measurements on it?!

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    Hey! I’m in love with this room. Can you please tell me where you got the wood above the crib and the random pieces on it?

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    IF you dont mind me asking where did you get the red peice of wood that’s red on your last plank?

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    I LOVE the crib set the blanket, sheet, all of it! Where did you get it from??? I’m having a hard time finding it :(

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    Where did you get the wire baskets next to the changing table? I checked hobby lobby 😫 no luck

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    Thank you all for the feedback and comments!
    Book shelf was made by my husband, it is rather large but holds lots of books and knick knacks.
    The chair was bought off amazon, its very comfortable and not overly large, so it fit in the space perfectly. It is a charcoal grey color.
    The water trough is very large, too large actually, we will be moving it to our basement for a larger area. Now that my son is here, its not a practical toy box. So if anyone makes something similar, i recommend going much smaller, and installing lift assist hinges so it isn’t so heavy for little ones to open.
    Basket next to the changing table is very old, no help there as i have no idea where it came from.
    Crib sheet came off of amazon, but the rest of the bedding was handmade by my mother in law.
    Rug came from Menards and it was under $300. It is plush and very nice for the price!

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