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Winter Wonderland Birthday Party


My daughters first Birthday is January 2 so clearly in the winter. I wanted to create a winter wonderland party to fit the season and her birthday. you can find more of my projects @

Decorating Style

I tried to budget the best I could and found a lot of thrift items that I renovated for the party. You'll see a shelf I purchased at thrift store for $8 dollars looks completely different with a little paint :)

Project Details

  • snowflakes were purchased at the Dollar Tree
  • The Christmas tree decor was purchased at Home Goods
  • The Shelf was purchased at a Thrift Store
  • mannequin frames at Ross
  • everything else was handmade by me.

Favorite Items

More than anything I love it when my husband participates in anything that involves our daughter. We collected milk jugs to create an igloo for the kids to play in & he did a great job in putting together what I envisioned. Below is a link to the youtube


Wednesday 21st of January 2015

WOW!! My daughter's birthday is in December, and I'm always trying to find fun ways to celebrate it indoors. I've been playing around with the idea of winter wonder land for a very long time, but didn't have the right inspiration for it. But this right here!! This is a showstopper and great for the kids to play in. Thank you so much for the inspiration! ^_^


Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

love the igloo! but how did you keep it from getting ruined during the party?


Monday 9th of January 2012

This is beautiful! Where did you get the curtain in the back? it looks shimmery. I love it! Nice job!


Sunday 23rd of October 2011

oh my gosh, amazing! What a neat party for your daughter!! just fantastic!


Thursday 20th of October 2011

Wow, your hubby did an awesome job on the igloo! And it was really creative and resourceful of you to have come up with the idea. Really like the theme, too.