Baby Girl’s Winter ONEderland First Birthday!

  • 1/29
  • 2/29
  • Winter ONEderland Birthday Cake3/29
  • First Birthday Stats Board4/29
  • Hanging Snowflake5/29
  • First Birthday Smash cake6/29
  • Rock Candies7/29
  • Winter ONEderland Dessert Table8/29
  • Red Velvet First Birthday Cake9/29
  • First Birthday Girl's Outfit10/29
  • Winter ONEderland Fireplace Mantel Decor11/29
  • Winter ONEderland Invitation and Wishes12/29
  • Hot Cocoa Bar Toppings13/29
  • Winter ONEderland Happy Birthday Banner14/29
  • 15/29
  • 16/29
  • 17/29
  • Snowflake Cupcakes Toppers18/29
  • Winter ONEderland Cupcake Tower19/29
  • Winter ONEderland Cupcake20/29
  • Winter ONEderland Cookies21/29
  • Winter ONEderland Carrot cake22/29
  • Winter ONEderland Cake Pops Tower23/29
  • Winter ONEderland Strawberry Milk24/29
  • First Birthday Party Seating25/29
  • Kid's Birthday Table26/29
  • Hot Cocoa Bar27/29
  • 28/29
  • 29/29


I wanted to create a Winter ONEderland first birthday party for my daughter Asha Lea which was not a typical penguin and snowman themed - so I incorporated silver, gold, white and cream colors and came up with an amazing color scheme. I was planning this first birthday party since she was born (in my head) so happy the way it turned out.

Design Inspiration

Project Nursery, Pinterest and other websites.

Decorating Style

Elegant, classy, clean and fresh

Project Details

Will provide upon request

Favorite Items

First birthday stats board, dessert table, outfits :)


Start planning early and start gathering stuff.

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