Winnie the Pooh Nursery

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We decided to make the baby's sex a surprise. So we needed something neutral. Winnie the Pooh came to us and we took it from there! We picked the colors for the background from  Disney's color set. We used Bibiddi Bobbiddi Blue and Tinker Bell Green. After the background was painted we hand sketched the characters and painted them in a few coats. We used an acrylic paint(s) to color the characters. The furniture is made by Simmons and was bought from Clossics in Delaware Our window treatments  were custom made by a friend of ours. The fabrics were imported from Hawaii. They are made specifically from room darkening. It took us about 2 weeks. We are so anxious for the little one to get here!!

Design Inspiration

Winnie the Pooh and friends!

Decorating Style


Project Details

The characters were all hand painted and the one thing that helped was patience. It takes a lot of time.

Favorite Items

The glider, its so comfortable


Get the help from your friends when moving furniture, we didn't have much help and we could have used it :)


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    Wow, you painted the Winnie the Pooh characters all your by yourselves? Just the two of you soon-to-be mom and dad? I think that’s really wonderful.

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    Thanks guys! Yeah the characters were mainly done by me for my wife but she did help a little :) We got the glider at Baby Supermart in PA

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    I’m sure your baby is loving his/hers nursery! I think it’s awsome! Most nurseries looks like they are created more for parents than babies but yours is great for the baby! I love it!

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