Winnie the Pooh Birthday and Baptism Party

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  • Winnie the Pooh Birthday and Baptism Party
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We had a combined Winnie the Pooh-themed party for my son's 2nd Birthday and my daughter's Baptism. My son has loved Winnie the Pooh ever since I gave him my old childhood Pooh Bear.

Design Inspiration

Classic Winnie the Pooh

Decorating Style

I love to mix vintage and classic with new and modern. I'm usually inspired by a fabric or pattern and center the decorations around that.

Project Details

This party was a lot of DIY projects! I started by making the invitations and went from there. Pinterest was a great source of inspiration as were the Winnie the Pooh books. I found Winnie the Pooh scrapbook supplies (paper and bees) at Joann Fabrics and used those throughout the decorations.

All of the paper goods were DIY projects created in Photoshop or with scrapbooking supplies from Joann Fabrics : banners, party hat, invitations, games, food cards, medallion pins, and maps.

The Birthday Sign was DIY - created in Photoshop to look like the Hundred Acre Woods with all of my son's 2-year-old info. I love making these and it's such a great keepsake after the party!

DIY decoration projects:

  • Flower vases - scrapbook paper and mason jars
  • Wooden banner - Mod Podge Photo Transfer on wood
  • Storybook Backdrop - painted on watercolor paper
  • Pooh plate - white plate from Target decorated with Martha Stewart glass paints.
  • Twig easels - twigs from the back yard, twine, and hot glue
  • Honeypots - painted pots from around our house

Other decorations like the baskets, frames, jars, tablecloths, and Pooh books came from around our house.

The flowers and cake came from our local grocery store.

Red gingham napkins - Joann Fabrics

Polka dot paper plates - Target

Paper Bees, Pooh Scrapbook paper, Pooh paper honeypots - Joann Fabrics scrapbook supplies

We served honey ham sandwich casseroles as the main dish for lunch. Rabbit's Vegetable Garden was a big hit and a lot of fun to make.

For more information, recipes, and tutorials for some of the DIY projects visit my blog.

Favorite Items

I love the storybook backdrop for the food table. It is personalized for both of my kids and not only was it fun to paint but it helped tie the two events we were celebrating together.

I also love the Pooh plate, birthday sign, and Pooh drawings my son did since these are items I'll save as keepsakes from the occasion.


Plan ahead if possible. I did all the DIY projects before my daughter was born so when it was time for this party I just took everything out of a box and set it up!

Let your kids help you decorate. My son loved coloring pictures for the party while I did some of the DIY projects. It was something fun we could do together and he liked feeling helpful.

Look around your house for decorations that fit with your theme - you may be surprised how much you have that can work and it will save you money!


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    Kimberly what a beautiful pooh party!! I’m also planning my daughters 2nd with a Pooh theme. Question though, how did you create the custom pooh story and favorites map? I’d love to create something similar!

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