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Clean + Neutral Nursery for Twin Girls


I was so excited to create a loving space for my twin girls as soon as I found out I was pregnant with twins. I opted for a neutral tone so the room has a bright and airy feel when you enter. We picked out the paint color first then chose the decal for the room. We found cribs that are white with wooden legs which I feel tied the whole lookentogether. We wanted a pop of color but still be neutral so we chose cinnamon color and have this pop through some items throughout the nursery.u favorite pieces are the two hanging frames. I wanted something personalized that isn’t necessarily the twins’ names. Since their first names came from plants, I decided to get the willow and ivy leaves custom made into the wall hanging for a personal touch. My most favorite oartnis the shelf area which was inspired by featured nurseries in projectnursery’s instagram page. It took me about 5 months to complete the nursery. There were a lot of items that were out of stock (due to COVID I assumed) that I didn’t have a choice but to just be patient. And it paid off because I absolutely think the nursery is the best room in our house.