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Who gives a Hoot Nursery


These parents found out they were having a girl but didn't want pink or anything too frilly. We came up with the grey and yellow scheme and found so many great accessories!

Design Inspiration

I found the cute owl art on Etsy and a scheme was born.

Decorating Style

I am in love with colorful, modern, and fun designs, I can appreciate other styles but thats what gets my creative juices flowing!

Project Details

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy!

Favorite Items

The owl mobile is my absolute favourite.


Stick with a scheme but don't be too matchy, matchy.

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  1. avatar Leandra says:

    Where did you get the bedding set? I absolutely love this color scheme and decor. We are adopting and are planning without knowing the gender. We love this! Thank you for sharing.

  2. avatar Abby's Mom says:

    Hi! This is my daughter Abby’s room! The answers to some of your questions (sorry for the late reply):
    The paint colors are Benjamin Moore Coventry Grey and Hawthorne Yellow
    The bedding is called Bananafish Migi Sweet Sunshine and can be purchased from several online retailers. I bought if from
    The furniture is almost black or espresso in color.
    The lamp base and shade were a find at World Market.
    The prints (both the song phrase and birds) were purchased via etsy and framed in Ikea frames.
    The dandelion decal was also purchased on etsy.
    Thanks for loving this nursery as much as I do!

  3. avatar Audrey says:

    Could you please share the color of paints you have used?

  4. I love the paint color would you mind sharing the color and brand?

  5. avatar Adadienner says:

    Where can I buy the bedding set? I have been looking everywhere for one to put in my yellow and black nursery.

  6. avatar Gina says:

    Where is the dandelion wall decal from? I absolutely love this whole room!

  7. avatar rachel says:

    Love the room! Could you share if the wall flowers are decals< stencilled or hand painted?

  8. avatar Kari says:

    I have this bedding. I love the gray paint you picked. What color and brand is it?

  9. avatar Sylvia says:

    I am so in love and am inspired by your nursery! Were your lamp bases a special find or something that could be purchased online?

  10. avatar Kara says:

    How did you do the framed “You Are My Sunshine” wall art? Thanks!

  11. avatar Janell says:

    Would you mind telling me if the furniture is black or what color it is please?

  12. avatar Brooke says:

    I love the color scheme! Could u tell me the paint colors?

  13. avatar Katie says:

    Where did you find the picture with the birds?

  14. avatar Kara says:

    Love your color scheme. Can you tell me what colors the paint is? Thanks!

  15. avatar Kirsten says:


    Thanks so much for the response!

  16. meleyna,

    Thank you so much, sometimes boys ruin all our fun! ;)

  17. Kirsten,

    The drapery is from Ikea.

  18. avatar Kirsten says:

    Love this room! Can you tell me where you found your drapes?

  19. avatar Becky says:

    Your nursery is perfect! Where did you purchase the bedding, or is is custom made? I’ve been looking for something similar, but not having much luck.

  20. avatar Tiffany says:

    Where did you get the bedding for this room?

  21. Alexis,

    Sorry the mobile isn’t from Etsy :( It’s the Blabla Dream Ring Mobile and available online.

  22. avatar meleyna says:

    Love this room. I FOUGHT my husband to purchase this crib set–I really did not want anything too “precious.” He wanted pink, though. I’m happy with our compromise, but I still absolutely love this crib bedding. You did a great job pulling the room together.

  23. avatar Alexis says:

    Hello! Love your Nursery! Could you tell me what buyer you got the mobile from…it looks like an etsy piece.. i would love to get one for my girl!


  24. avatar Hollyjwsmall says:

    I love all of the owls and how sweet this room turned out.

  25. avatar 12andcounting says:

    I like yellow and grey combined. The color scheme is very elegant, and your room’s final effect is modern and stylish. The cute owl mobile adds a whimsical touch to the nursery, too.