Whimsical Wonderland Nursery

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I set out to design a whimsical room that my daughter could grow into. A magical place where she could get lost in her imagination.

Design Inspiration

The painting above her crib is the main inspiration for the room.

Decorating Style

Contemporary Chic

Project Details

The room all started with the painting above her crib. I saw a similar painting somewhere but it was very expensive and it was not the right colors. I am lucky to have a very talented best friend that painted it for me. We bought the canvas at Michaels and I gave her all the paint swatches I wanted to use in the room so she could match it. Instead of the traditional mobile I wanted to do something a little unexpected. The butterflies I bought online and my husband and I suspended them for the wall and ceiling to make it look as if they are flying. I think she will love this when she is a little older. The next step for me was deciding on the wall color. I know that gray is not a very popular color for a nursery but I wanted all of the bright colors to pop. It is actually very soothing, now that it is complete. My husband and I put up the crown molding and also the molding around the rectangles. The three fuchsia rectangles make a big impact in the room and was again very inexpensive. We used a high gloss paint to apply the swirlies inside the rectangles. The swirlies complement the painting on the opposite wall. The M I bought on Etsy. I painted it to match and added the butterfly to tie it all in. We chose sleek modern white furniture to brighten up the room. The lighting is a scene stealer. What little girl doesn't love bling? The bling floor lamp and the bling table lamp were bought for me as a shower gift from my besties, also the crystal wall sconces. The light bounces all over the room making it feel magical. The bedding was the most challenging part of the room. I didn't want to do anything too crazy and take away from the painting so I chose a solid fuchsia color with the polka dot pattern. The birds and owls scattered through out the room are one of my favorite parts. I found them on Etsy. They are very well made and I feel they add a touch of whimsy to the room. The frames and the toy box were also painted by my best friend. The frames we got from Michaels on sale and the toy box was another shower gift. The tissue poms hanging above the glider are a dramatic pop of color that adds so much. We strung them with crystals to tie in the bling. I feel that one of the greatest part of being a kid is being able to imagine anything. I designed this room for my daughter to have a place she can go to feel like she is in a whimsical world where anything is possible, she can be anything in life and do whatever brings her joy. I want to instill this in her at a very young age so she can grow up being confident and secure in herself and the path she chooses :).


Favorite Items

Owls and bird stuffed animals, the painting above the crib


Don't feel you have to follow any rules when decorating your nursery, it doesn't have to be baby pink or blue, use your imagination!


  1. 1

    It’s beautiful!!! Very unique and I love the colors!! Would love to know the color and make of paint you used on the walls. Gorgeous job!!

  2. 2
  3. 3

    I LOOOVVEEEEEEE this room so much! 5 STARS! If I was brave enough I would have mixed beautiful colours and patterns like this for my little girls nursery!! :) x

  4. 4

    Can you tell me what etsy shop you purchased the “M” from?  I love the room!!!  Great job.

  5. 5

    Modern and whimsical. I love it! That colorful painting above the crib is absolutely gorgeous! And those 3D butterflies add a new dimension to the artwork. You really did an amazing job with this nursery.

  6. 6

    I have to say that the painting makes a really dramatic focal point for your room. You are lucky indeed to know somebody who can paint like that. Who knows how much this painting will be worth when your little one’s all grown-up!

  7. 7

    I love this room! It’s so different and very creative  !!  Where did you get the crib quilt?  What color gray is on the wall?

  8. 8

    Thank you! The wall color is Cityscape by Sherwin Williams. The quilt my friends mom made for me. 

  9. 9

    You are so lucky to have the painting and then an awesome quilt made for your little girl. They both set off the room in a fantastic way.

  10. 10

    I Love this room!!! The table lamp is to die for. Do you have any idea where it was bought or who the manufacturer is?

  11. 11
  12. 12

    This nursery took my breath away. I love this, and have been totally inspired to do my daughter’s next nursery in your footsteps. Whimisical is something I am striving to achieve. I LOVE her quilt, did you make that also. I do not know of any local quilters, if you would like to share who made it I would be SO grateful!! xoxoInspired

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