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Whimsical Vintage Baby Shower


A baby shower I threw for my friend Jocelyn who is having her first baby, Everett.

Design Inspiration

 I wanted the shower to look like the store Anthropologie!  I wanted to do  a story book, antique toy kind of theme with some modern elements.  I was inspired by other blogs and pictures online. I wanted to use antique toys and the letter E. Since my last name starts with E I already had a lot of letters anyway. We had the shower in a old renovated downtown house art studio. So I wanted to use bright colors. We focused on blue and red.

Decorating Style

I don't have a "matchy matchy" kind of style. I love a mixture of shabby chic, vintage, and modern.

Project Details

I made the pom poms from a video tutorial I found online. SO easy! I was so proud of them! I also made the bunting flag banner out of scrapbook paper and yarn. Both of those projects cost under $5 each.

Favorite Items

I love the monogramed coffee mugs (J, E, J) the parents are both J names and of course E for Everett! I also love the wagon with the sock monkey. I got most of the items at antique stores and yard sales over the past couple of years. I love the golden books stacked up on the table too.


Draw inspiration from different places. Be creative with the way you spend your money (you don't have to spend a fortune to have a elegant fun shower)and bring in items you already own. The most expensive thing I bought was the cupcakes! Everything else was either mine already or I made for really cheap. I borrowed the table cloth and J cups from the mom-to-be, I had a friend with similar taste bring some of her own antique toys too.


Monday 31st of January 2011

I really do think that vintage is in right now.  With the lovely designs and the burst of color, you could never go wrong.  Loved those humpty dumpty panels, just where did you get them?