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Whimsical Boho Inspired Nursery for a Little Girl


When we found out we were expecting a little girl, I was so surprised! I always thought I would have a little boy. So when I began thinking about decorating the nursery, I was completely overwhelmed. I knew I wanted something simple, a bit modern and not too feminine as I'm not a girly girl by any means.

I wanted to stay away from the traditional color of pinks. Originally, I wanted an all white nursery but my husband vetoed the idea saying it look to sterile (the drawbacks of having an artistic husband!). We settled on mostly white furniture with an accent of walnut to contrast. When i stumbled across a local artist Kelli Kronberger and found her work I was totally inspired! I knew i had found the one piece that I wanted to work around to work around the entire room!

We already had the overdyed rug that I thought we could add in for an extra contrast and give a pop of color that we could work with.

I made the hanging wall art from a blogpost I found on Project Nursery and the rest of the decor on the shelves were either things i found locally or made from cards friends had given us. I'm obsessed with Jelly Cat so we had to include a few of our favorite plush for her to enjoy as she gets older!

The chandelier was a gift from a good friend who found it at a local vintage shop! We were in love and thought it brought the perfect amount of feminine chic to our little girls room!