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Where the Wild Things Are Nursery- UES


I was asked to turn a small white room into an enchanting and magical forest based on the children's book Where the Wild Things Are.

Design Inspiration

Where the Wild Things Are by writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. As a child, this book allowed my imagination to run wild. I'm hoping this room will do the same for the 3 little boys who live in this home especially Parker.

Decorating Style

contemporary - whimsical

Project Details

The colors were based on the colors of the illustrations in the book and the bedding. The crib bedding the parents picked is by Serena & Lily-Chambray Basics and Air Chocolate Diamond sheets. The crib is from Pottery Barn.

Favorite Items

The creature in the tree.


The sky was fauxed to go from daytime to nighttime. The trees were painted to extend onto the high ceiling and accentuate the size of the room. A plain white flat door was fauxed to look like the door in Max's bedroom.

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  1. avatar kurly says:

    i love the painitng on the walls. such a wonderful idea. great job.

  2. avatar A Mural by Patrice says:

    That is the room. LOL The size of the room was a challenge to take photos in. It was a small and narrow space with high ceilings. If you look at the 3rd photo you can see how close the crib is to the opposite wall. It’s wasn’t your traditional nursery with a changing table or dresser. It had a crib. They have more than one child. I think they have a changing station:) Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. avatar Recreate says:

    I like how you transformed the room into a magical forest! Love the paintings of the trees and the characters. I just wish we can see more of the room other than the walls.

  4. avatar cheathat says:

    This was my favorite childhood book. Reading it on my own was never as much fun as my parents acting it out for me. This theme would be perfect for a play room too.

  5. avatar A Mural by Patrice says:

    Thank you!!

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    I haven’t read the book but we have seen the movie. My daughter didn’t like it and found it scary :( Nevertheless, I think the theme is perfect for little boys! I love the paintings on the wall.