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Where the Wild Things Are Inspired Nursery


Creating a nursery in a NYC apartment can be a challenge, but with a little inspriation, a little sacrifice and an open mind, you can turn it into a really fun space.

Design Inspiration

I loved the book Where the Wild Things Are when I was a kid and wanted my child to experience the same adventure.   It is hard to find Where the Wild Things Are items, so I used it as a starting point and mixed it with my love of patterns, antiques (and Anthropologie style).

Decorating Style

Antique chic/Charming eclectic

Project Details

Started out with Where the Wild Things Are quote poster from Etsy ( and purchased the characters on Amazon.  I framed pages from the book to hang over changing table.

I love the pattern of the letters, seat cushion and lamp shade - which all came from Anthropologie.  I found the foot stool for a steal (similar pattern) at TJ Maxx.

I had the monkey hook (CostPlus) from my old apartment and thought it looked cute with the towels hanging from it and found the bird mirror at a craft strore in Empire, MI.  I wanted to mix in some orange, so I got the cute Tiger trash can at The Container Store.

We found the locker storage bench at a Flea Market in the East Village - the left side has a tiger storage box (Target) in it with toys and the right has books. 

The pillows are a mix from different bedding I had throughout the last few years, I didn't have to go searching for ones I liked (and they went with the theme). 

Crib is from Ikea and bedding is from Dwell Studio (I have an obsession with owls, so I had to include them).

Favorite Items

My Great Grandmother's rocking chair.  My Grandma gave it to me as a gift and I just love it. 


Don't be afraid to mix & match patterns and colors.

Use your space creatively!

Sometimes you can find treasures in your own closet - shop your apartment (or house) before you go out and buy new items.


Saturday 19th of March 2011

I got the lettering from Anthropologie.  Thanks for the nice comment. 


Tuesday 15th of March 2011

I just love that a.u.g.u.s.t. lettering you have there.  Did you make that yourself? The patterns and the colors are astounding.  In general, I love the room for its bold and bright colors and its lovely patterns all around.  Like you, I also grew up loving the book, and am so envious that you have those stuffed toys there.