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What’s the Word on the Street? Miles is 2!!!


My son, Miles, LOVES Sesame Street right now, so I decided to use the classic children's tv show as the inspiration for the theme of his party.  We also decided to do a breakfast party and start it at 10 AM (just like Sesame Street starts on our TV at home!)  The unique time of the birthday seemed to be a hit!  From the cupcake toppers to the napkin holders...there are ALOT of details in this party!  With my mom's help, we created a party that we were proud of and, most importantly, Miles and his family and friends had such a fun time at!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for his party came from the classic children's TV show, Sesame Street.  Who doesn't like Sesame Street?!?  I think deep down, everyone does and everyone has their own favorite character...hence, the inspiration to the tables!  Each table was character-themed!  There can be so much you can do with this theme...I loved how it came out!  :)

Decorating Style

I like to focus on the details...the little touches in a party.  I like to be organized with my thoughts and I also like the party, itself, to be organized...down to the actual timing of how things go during the party!

Project Details

For the party package, I used Lisa Kay Designs...I HIGHLY recommend her...she is amazing...she can be found on Facebook and Etsy.

Miles' crown was handmade by Lori Savage...she has an Etsypage...shopthefeltmarket...having a crown made from her is starting to be a tradition!

Miles' shirt was handmade by Rachel from *golden*!  This is my first shirt from her and, surely, not my last!  It was a hit and very well made.

 *mia mamarazzi*...a close friend of mine...she took all of the photos at his party, so I wouldn't have to worry about that!  :)

Favorite Items

SOOOO many things to choose from...but I loved how The Count's Learning Center came out...being a was a great game/station to have at this kind of party!


Plan, plan, plan...and plan some more!  I try to think of everything, but that never happens...I like to start looking and ordering things a few months in advance and get my foundation to what I want the party to look like, have, etc...then, I have lots of time to come up with new or better ideas, "fix" things, visualize, etc.

Veronica Lewis

Tuesday 25th of September 2012



Saturday 1st of September 2012

Yeah, who doesn't love Sesame Street? I think this theme is indeed classic and a sure-fire way for kids to enjoy and have fun!


Saturday 1st of September 2012

This was such a fun and colorful party! I thought it was especially unique to have character themed tables with cupcake centerpieces! My boys had a blast at this party and there was something different to keep them entertained at every turn! Great party, great family, great fun!