What Little Girls are Made of

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My vision was a sweet strawberry nursery for our baby girl Coco. Coco's room is 90% homemade with touch of thrift and 100% mom and dads love. This went beyond what I visioned!

Design Inspiration

I remember as a little girl loving to eat strawberries. I wanted Coco's room to have strawberries in it but I did not want the cartoon look. I wanted a vintage yet shabby chic look with handmade pieces to give it a warm feel. The hand-painted art her dad created and handmade mobile, sock, glove animals help achieve what I was hoping for.

Decorating Style

Vintage Modern Comfort and Love

Project Details

I created her entire room around the purchase of a fabric. I bought her fabric at very popular fabric store called Mary Jos http://maryjos.com. I had a friends mother make her bedding and a friend made her curtains. I made her pillows, sock monkey,bunny and strawberry mobile. My husband is an artist so I had him create two pieces of art. The strawberry painting and  the silhouette painting of me pregnant The painting of me with my belly is so precious to me. I bought her crib and dresser on craigslist. Her chair I bought at Goodwill and I redid the fabric. The mirror I purchased at a thrift store. 

Favorite Items

Coco's strawberry mobile because I worked so hard trying to figure out how to make soft strawberries. It turned out great. I am in love with the painting my husband did of me pregnant with Coco. I think she will cherish that painting forever. The big strawberry painting my husband did for her room is precious to me. I also like her fabric on her bedding and the mirror just adds the perfect touch I was looking for.


Gather around your gifted friends and have them do projects for you. Have a vision for what you desire and you will get it if you look around and use your creative skills. I had no idea how I would make a strawberry mobile but I took my vision and tried it and it turned out great. I also would shop at thrift stores looking for the right touches. . You can create this room on a budget and it be beautiful! The hand done art pieces are what makes the room complete.


  1. 1

    How did you make those strawberries on the mobile… they look good enough to eat! Please do share :)

  2. 2

    Thanks Creative Crumbs!

     I bought:

    Biggest red Acrylic Pompoms from a craft store.

    Smallest Black Acrylic Pompoms  for the seeds. ( yellow would be better b.c then you do not have to paint them yellow)

    One sheet of green felt for 25 cents  at a craft store. 

    Some tulle in red or pink I used pink b.c i already had some

    Fishing wire

    green string -i used the kind they sale at craft stores for those braided necklaces kids make.

    wooden Hoop- They sale in craft stores. They are used to frame needlepoint. Pick the desire size of your mobile to hang on. You will use the inner hoop.

    Hook from lowes to put in the ceiling


    To make the strawberries I took the red balls and put tulle over each ball like a candy wrapper and sewed the top to shape it more like a strawberry . After that I  drew on the green felt a sun and  cut it out. I placed the green sun shape on top of the red balls where i sewed the tulle together and sew it on. Then I took super glue and put black pom balls on the red ball to make seeds. I realized that seeds should be yellow so I painted over them with yellow acrylic paint.. After it was all dry i sewed the green string on the top of each strawberry so it would be long enough to hang as I desired on the mobile. I painted the hoop red with acrylic. I then looped and tied each strawberry on the hoop . My husband then cut four fishing wire strings and drilled four holes in the hoop. We tied fishing wire each in a knot through the drill holes and then centered all four strings around a gold metal circle he had in his tool box. We attached one string of fishing wire to the celling and worked on balancing it and there you have it. I sort of winged this project and it with trail and error achieved it. I hope this helps!


  3. 3

    I love how your friends all came through for you. This is a great show of DIY prowess!  And thanks for the procedures on the strawberries, I’d love to try that out!!!!

  4. 4

    I love how your friends all came through for you. This is a great show of DIY prowess!  And thanks for the procedures on the strawberries, I’d love to try that out!!!!

  5. 5

    I love how your friends all came through for you. This is a great show of DIY prowess!  And thanks for the procedures on the strawberries, I’d love to try that out!!!!

  6. 6

    Shabby chic and vintage, now that’s really a great combination.  I love this room… it makes me want to design my own room in the same manner. Strawberries for Coco. :)

  7. 7

    Jungmoma: Oh my, so simple yet very striking.  Thanks for the reply and the tutorial :)

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