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What are Little Boys Made of Nursery


Demetri is almost 3 and loves trains, rockets, robots and planes. We did not want to bind the room with only one theme, to have the option to tweak the room as he grows up to match his personality and likes. A custom cross stitch piece inspired by the nursery rhyme "What are little boys made of?" became the inspiration behind this room.

Seperate areas are created for different activities that a toddler enjoys; like his reading corner, a seating area where he can draw and play, and a drawing board to create a vertical surface for him to use. I also included a storage unit with bins for all his smaller items, this is also an easy way to teach him to pack away toys in specific places. I have left enough space for him to play with his train set on the floor and the steel chest is an ideal storage for all his trains.

I intended to create a neutral, modern looking space for this toddler room. It is bright and airy during the day and a calm area during the evening, just perfect for the little man to enjoy.