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Watch Out Wild West Cowboy Room


My husband and I have such a fun time putting our little cowboy’s room together. He made the covered wagon bed with a lot of help from our Gpa. I sewed the canvas and painted the room.

The room is a collection of old and new. Some of it was in my husbands childhood room while others we have picked up along he way. We found the Pendleton blanket and thought it was the finishing piece for the room.

I hope you get and little bit of inspiration and enjoy it!


Glover Jacey

Monday 27th of September 2021

Ahhh! Thanks so much! 6 years later and our son still loves his bed!

I bought the wheels at hobby lobby. Not sure if they still have them or not? The bed frame itself is just a simple bed structure made out of walnut with four post to stand on. We have a friend that owns a cabinet company and he gave us scrap wood to use. Then we just screwed the wheels on the front. The top is made out of several pieces of laminated wood that we glued together and then soaked in water for several days. They we used ratchet straps to bend them in circles and let them sit for a week. Then we screwed them on the outside of the bed. There are four of the large ones and then one small one that you can see is in the middle of the bed. We also have three straight pieces of wood going the length of the bed that screws all the rounded pieces together. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Micah Padgett

Monday 27th of September 2021

I love this SO much I’m dying!! Please give me tips/instruction etc. on how you made this bed!


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Adorable room!