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Violet’s Whimsical Nursery


A whimsical and soft nursery for a sweet girl.  I wanted the room to be light and inviting yet something that wasn't too "baby" so she could still love the room as she gets older.

Design Inspiration

The "Do You Suppose She's a Wildflower?" print.  I loved all the colors and it worked well with the bedding that I loved. Plus, it was ironic that my husband and I fell in love with the name Violet shortly after I started planning the nursery.

Decorating Style

Usually, I play it safe.  I tend to go with grays and whites.  This was one of the few times that I went with pieces and ideas that I truly loved.  It was a bit of a risk for someone who is indecisive like I am, but I'm so glad I went with pieces I loved.

Favorite Items

The accent wall.  It took a lot of time to make sure all the phrases were level and spaced out evenly, but it turned out so beautiful.  It was so worth the time it took to put up.


Go with your gut.  If you love something, find a way to incorporate it.  It doesn't have to match 100% and it usually works well if you just follow a color scheme.

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  1. avatar Lindsey says:

    I actually know this one, Brianne! I have the same ones. They’re from Pottery Barn Kids and I believe the pattern is Addison. They are blackout panels, too so they’re perfect for a nursery.

  2. avatar Brianne says:

    Your nursery is beautiful! Can you tell me the fabric name used for your curtains or where purchased if store bought? Thank you so much!

  3. avatar Adrianne says:

    Hi all! So sorry I didn’t respond. The mirrors were from Home Goods. The pink wall paint is Sherwin Williams Orleander and the white was Snowfall. Most of the prints were random etsy finds but the “Do you suppose she’s a wallflower” print is from Katie Daisy. Also the large square was by Michelle Armas.
    The closet organizer was from Home Depot.

  4. Your nursery turned out soooo cute!! I love seeing nurseries that come together from inspiration found on Pinterest and the web! The way you implemented pieces in this space is very sweet and balanced. Great job!! And for those looking for some of the prints, visit my nieces nursery I designed…many are used in this nursery as well.

  5. avatar Jessica says:

    What colour is the paint ?
    Also did you use the quote the exact same from the top to the bottom of the wall? For example did all the words line up exactly? Or did you just run it along until you ran out of room and continued where you left off below?


  6. avatar Samantha Dubs says:

    I did some searching and here is what I found so far! The square colorful one is Michelle Armas. You can find it lots of places online. Google love is spoken here print to find that one. It is a digital download online you can buy. Anyone know about the hot air balloon one?? Also I think the do you suppose she’s a wildflower I’ve seen on etsy. I ordered some similar prints from a shop called the wheatfield on there.

  7. avatar Caitlin says:

    I’m bummed that you don’t have the sources for the prints tagged as well!! I really hope you answer! We all love them!!

  8. avatar Amy Singer says:

    Would love to know where those prints are from! They all coordinate together so perfectly!

  9. avatar Samantha Dubs says:

    Would love to know where the prints are from as well.

  10. avatar Christy Whitt says:

    Can you please tell me where you got all of your prints on your gallery wall? They are exactly what I’m on the hunt for. Everything is so cute! :)

  11. avatar Alison says:

    So pretty! I love the mirrors – can you please let me know where they are from?

  12. avatar Brooke says:

    Beautiful! Where did you get your closet organizer?