Vintage Railroad/Chevron Nursery

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I wanted to do something suitable for a little boy without being too "babyish". I thought a vintage railroad theme would be PERFECT because it can transition well into a toddler room. Besides, what little boy doesn't love trains?!?

Design Inspiration

I saw a design board for a vintage railroad themed nursery and I thought it was SO cute! I took the idea and ran with it making it my own, of course. I didn't want to overdue the railroad theme, so I tried to incorporate little bits here and there through the artwork, prints, color scheme, and the dresser.

Decorating Style

I love mixing old with new.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the custom bedding and crib. It turned out beautiful! I also love the chevron dresser- so unique!


Have fun and take your time... I searched numerous hours online for inspiration and picked up little pieces along the way. Eventually, it all came together!


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    That chevron dresser is one of the coolest things ever.. what a great piece and the way you worked it into the room is terrific.

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    Thank you! As a first time mommy I didn’t even know where to start in designing a baby’s room (ESP a baby BOY), but I love the way it turned out! I appreciate all the remarks.

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    On the river rock looking part – is that the really soft light grey quilt you’re talking of? I’ve looked over premier prints and don’t see that fabric, but would be interested to know what it is and where I can find it! GORGEOUS room…love it all!

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    I had the bedding custom made… The bumpers are part of that quilt I found and a stripe fabric from premier prints. The link for the quilt is below.

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    Hi!! I love the room! I have a little question, how big is the picture above the crib? Thank you!!

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    Love the room! What is the name of the gray paint color you used on the walls? Where did you get it? Thanks

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    Whats the name and brand of the paint u used. Love it and having trouble finding a true gray color

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