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Vintage Inspired Nursery for Benjamin


This room was definitely a long time in the making.  I started planning the room even before I was pregnant!  However, it turned out that several items I used were purchased or made years earlier. At first I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go - especially after looking at the big box stores at what was available.  I knew I wanted to do something different and unique. I wanted a room that was gender neutral, but pretty; I figured I was really the one that would be spending the most time in it.  The walls were already blue from when my dad painted them over 10 years ago.  They are done with 3 different blues and a rag.  I wanted it to be vintage, but also unique.  Pinterest and Project Nursery were places for some great inspirations!  The direction was finally solidified when I stumbled upon the Moda fabric.  It matched the walls and allowed me to do the blue/white thing while still being "neutral".  I suppose I could have gone the more "French" route, but the sheep spoke to me and we were off on the hunt!

Design Inspiration

The book nook was definitely something I wanted to do, as well as find a vintage dresser for the changing table.  I also knew I liked the Jenny Lind style crib.  The Moda fabric I found was really the jumping off point as I was able to  incorporate the sheep  motif as well as the vintage swirls (reminiscent from our wedding).

Decorating Style

My style has always been, buy what I like and somehow it will all work together in the end.  It's a lot of trial and error arranging things, but eventually I get the look I want.  This room was definitely an evolution in design.  I started looking for vintage or second-hand items even before I was pregnant.  I wanted the room to be useful, pretty, and unique. It's not to my husband's taste, per say, but I love how it turned out.  Every piece has a story.

Project Details

Jenny Lind Crib: Target

Fabric: Moda "Ooh La La" purchased at our local quilt shop, but can also be found on Missouri Star Quilt Company. I used the fabric (plus some additional prints that I thought coordinated) to make the bumper pads and quilt.

The blue trim on the bumper pads was a full sized sheet for Salvation Army

Rug, Sheep Pillow: TJMax

Dresser and Side Table: Local estate sale

Toy Box: Garage sale find

Wicker Basket, Baby Outfit and Frame: Antique store

Spoon Art: Frame from second-hand store and spoons were my husband's and mine - there is a spoon motif in the fabric

Lamps were my mom's when she was young

Book Shelf Supplies: Home Depot

Gallery Mini 4-light White Floral Crystal Chandelier: Overstock

Rocker: My husband's grandmother's which I made an entirely new cushion and cover for, repaired the wicker, and gave a fresh coat of paint

Wall Art: Homemade (Rabbit Cross Stitch), second-hand finds or Etsy (Baa baa Black Sheep Image and Lamb Watercolor Painting)

Mobile: Sheep were from Etsy and the mobile pieces were off of Amazon

"B" Letter: Michael's

Stuffed Sheep White Noise: Target

Sheep Baby Blanket: Two Sister's Crafting

Gray Striped Crochet Blanket: Made by family friend, not sure what pattern she used


Favorite Items

I don't know that I could pick just one thing as my favorite.  I love how the crib turned out and the rocking chair is definitely something I use everyday.  Besides, each of those things took a stinking long time to finish!


My advice for a similar look:  Layers, layers, layers!  Don't be afraid to combine old with new items.  I tried hard to be practical as well as make the room pretty.  We'll see how long it lasts once he starts getting into things! I throughly enjoyed hunting up bargains at my local thrift stores, or places like TJMAxx. Also, make sure you look online - you can buy or find inspiration for just about anything.


Saturday 2nd of May 2015

Thank you! It was a happy accident that I was able to find fabric that matched the walls - sort of a backwards way of doing things.


Friday 1st of May 2015

I love this. I think the wall treatment really ties everything together