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Vintage Country Girl’s Nursery


My original intent was to keep the baby's room fairly "gender neutral". Whoops!  The furniture, bedding and curtains were all bought new, but the rest of the pieces we collected from antique stores and flea markets.  Some needed painting and a little TLC, but others were perfect just the way they were. You can find all of the project details here.

Design Inspiration

I have a passion for all things old and antique--so when we found out we were having a baby girl, I couldn't wait to incorporate that into her nursery.  We wanted something cozy, comfortable, sweet and vintage…and I hope we've accomplished just that!

Decorating Style

Vintage, shabby chic, country cottage, rustic…all rolled into one.

Project Details

Furniture: Franklin & Ben Mason Crib (Weathered Grey)Crib Sheet: Tiddliwinks Cottage Chic Fitted SheetBumper: Carousel Designs "Design Your Own" in Pink ChevronCurtains: Tiddliwinks Cottage Chic Drape PanelGlider: Quinn Swivel Glide with OttomanKansas Wall Art: My Roots CollectionLamp: Flea Market and DIY shadeDoily Bunting: DIY from Project Wedding Rag Rug: DIY from Moda BakeshopPaint Color: Restoration Hardware's Bay LaurelEverything else: Antique stores and flea markets

Favorite Items

My favorite item is probably the doily bunting above the crib because I think it gives the whole room such a sweet and delicate look. I also love the wainscoting my husband did on the walls--it really completes the nursery!


Start early and be patient when searching for the perfect pieces at antique stores and flea markets.  It can be tempting to just buy something to complete a project and cross it off your list, but try to resist if you're not completely in love with it!  It took about 3 months to collect all the pieces for the collage above our dresser--however, it was so worth the wait!

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  2. avatar Brittany says:

    Can you tell me how you bought the glider? I can’t figure out where online you purchase it.

  3. avatar Mommymac79 says:

    Hi there, we have just bought this crib and realized that regular bumper can’t really be tied around the slats easily. Can you share how you attached your bumper please? Thanks.

  4. avatar Mommymac79 says:

    Hi there, we have just bought this crib and realized that regular bumper can’t really be tied around the slats easily. Can you share how you attached your bumper please? Thanks.

  5. avatar SunflowerStateOfMind says:

    Cookin’ Cowgirl,

    Hi there! You’re right–it definitely does have a bit of a “taupeish” tint to it…but not as much as it appears to in these pictures. I can’t seem to figure out the right settings on my camera to make it look the way it does in real life. So long story short–it’s more taupe than I was expecting when I ordered it, but we still love it!

  6. This is adorable! I live in Kansas now but saw this set in a store a few weekends ago while visiting my sister in Dallas. I love it! In your opinion (because you see it everyday!), would you say this set it more taupe or grey? In person I remember it being more taupe, and your photos look that way to me too, but on the Franklin & Ben site, it totally looks grey (hince the name).

    I love the nursery and you did a fabluous job! I’m headed over to check out your site now!
    Cookin’ Cowgirl

  7. It’s a Timi & Leslie Bag, but I found it cheapest here (use the 20% off code): I love it!!

  8. avatar Cheyenne says:

    Very cute room :) Where did you get the diaper bag?

  9. avatar shuttermom says:

    VERY cute room :)

  10. Thank you Tasha! The color of the walls is “Bay Laurel” by Restoration Hardware…and the rocker is in “mouse” with a cream piping. The color of the crib and dresser is “weathered gray”. Hope that helps :)

  11. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Your color scheme is perfect! I so love the green you used for you wall and the beige or brown you used for your furniture. What exact shades are they?

  12. Thanks so much, Shanin! It’s just eyelet fabric that I tucked under the mattress and pinned down inside at the bottom. I decided not to buy a full blown skirt since we would only need it until the mattress is lowered. Hope that makes sense!

  13. avatar Shanin says:

    I love your nursery, so cute!! One of my favorites on this site. What did you use as a crib skirt? I notice it seems to be an eyelet type of fabric, but maybe I’m wrong. Did you buy it or make it yourself?