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Brooke Ava's Vintage-Inspired Nursery!

Design Inspiration

My sweet little bundle of joy! Her dimples and giggles!

Decorating Style

Vintage-Inspired finds along the way.

Project Details

It took several months to create this charming room for Brooke Ava...

I collected special items from Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and other quaint shops during my travels. I also believe in shopping local so many items are from my own town.

I added some of my favorite baby shower gifts to her room which include the Serena & Lily Glider and Ottoman, Dish & Spoon Productions custom wall-art and the Newport Cottages changing table and corner cabinet.

My husband, Robert re-purposed the armoire which was once in my store as a merchandising piece. He wallpapered the back with pink damask paper and we changed the knobs to Anthropologie knobs that look like giant yellow gumballs.

To add some more whimsy, I hung a vintage (reproduction from Janie and Jack) dress on the wall which hangs off of a When I Was Your Age beadboard shelf and I placed an unexpected aqua tutu on a child's dress form.

A MacBeth Collection tin filled with Blabla knit dolls takes a ride on an antique ride-on dog. This is strategically placed in the middle of the oval braided area rug.

The white wooden hangers from Only Hangers keeps her little wardrobe neat and the small clear and pink crystal chandelier (on dimmer) keeps the room soft and peaceful.

I also accessorized the room with hobnob milk glass which I filled with headbands and ribbon, an oversized blue mason jar (just because) and a wicker basket to keep the diapers confined and handy!

Golden Books my grandmother read to me are heavily stocked  for our bedtime reading. My absolute favorite childhood toys were the record payer and T.V. set that are once again available from Fisher-Price (vintage collection). They are in the closet near the toy box and ready to be played with! I love sharing the things that gave me my fondest memories...

A personal touch... There's a picture of my husband and me on our wedding day in the corner shelf, we flanked it with two of our original childhood photographs. I'm five at a dance recital and my husband is two holding a paint roller. Classic!


Favorite Items

The Picture of daddy holding mommy's tummy over the crib.


Stay true to your own personal style and don't be afraid to mix it up. I steer clear of matching sets!


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    This room is full of things cute and adorable! I spot some really pretty felt hair clips (particularly love the owl ones). And what are those super cute animal dolls surrounded by the shoes? Are those finger puppets? Did you make them yourself? They are total eye candies!

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    This is so sweet and calming. I could completely see my babies sleeping in this nursery. Another crib would be needed though :)

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    This room is so beautiful! Very well done and love the whimsical touches. You have a true designer eye! Love the blanket by Merle and Velma on the ottoman.

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