Varsity Sports Inspired Tween Boy Bedroom

  • Varsity Sports Inspired Tween Boy Bedroom

    We took out the bulky dresser in this room and inserted a platform bed with storage drawers and shoe cubbies at the bottom.

  • Every kid space must have a personalized element, I think! You can see this kid’s initials are used in multiple spots.

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  • Yes you can! and you will…

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  • A handwritten letter from his grandmother who recently became an angel is framed on the nightstand.

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  • My young client’s Mom had to win ‘The best Mom of probably ever award’ for approving an autographed LeBron James jersey in the design plan! Such an extraordinary surprise.

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  • We removed the ceiling fan in favor of a caged light fixture reminiscent of a vintage school gym clock.

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I’m super excited about this room reveal I’m about to share for many reasons.

1. It was a special present from his Mom for a super smart straight A and very cool (do the kids still say cool?) tween boy – age 11! #boymoms unite.

2. He’s a huge Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James fan (I grew up in the Cleveland Hts. area – so I was stoked to hear that.)

3. It’s a not so little known fact that kid spaces are my favorite to design because you insert just the right amount of whimsy, fun and lots of function into the design. Adults take their spaces so seriously with all the brown, beige and blah – I always jump at the chance to design spaces for the young and the young at heart.

In order to design any space, I try to learn about my clients (even the little ones) and their real lifestyles, interest and must haves. I was told that this kid is studious, love sports, gaming, needed lots of storage for shoes and clothes and was all about LeBron James.

The new space would also need to be classic and not trendy – because it has to be last well into his teen years. I decided a sophisticated varsity inspired themed sports room was the way to go.

We changed some of the foundation elements that would add major impact immediately, switched out the carpet for hardwood floors and an area rug, plus updated the original vertical blinds with shutters.

At the final room reveal the kid did a pretty good job of not letting a super cheesy smile slip out – while his Mom on the other hand jumped up and down and all around… I so love reactions like this. Later, she told me that he said ‘Ms. Micaela totally gets me!’

I sure do and I’m so glad you know it : )

Design: M.Red Design

Photography: Megan Weaver


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    Love this room. Perfect for my 8yr old. What is the color of the walls and is that just good old black paint?

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    where do i find out about the fan light fixture? Would love to know even what you call it to look for it online?

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    Hi Cara, The owner didn’t list the source, but try searching caged flush mount light for similar choices. Good luck in your search!

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