Uno, Dos, Tres, Fiesta! – A Bright & Colorful Third Birthday Party

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  • Papel picado banner with vibrant tissue paper flowers

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My daughter Juniper adores the movie, "Coco," and that served as my inspiration in designing the elements of her 3rd birthday party. When learning to talk, she called herself "Juju," so I incorporated her nickname into the party. I used the movie's color scheme of red, pink, orange and blue across the decor, along with calaveras (sugar skulls) and flowers.

A few of my favorite details from her party:

  • The papel picado banners I created, especially the ones designed for each guest - the kids loved finding their names hanging above them!
  • The kid's treat bags, which each contained a sugar skull cookie, initial of their name, and number 3!
  • Her two-tier sugar skull birthday cake. After a few trial runs, I realized I could make the skulls ahead of time out of royal icing, and decorate their faces with food markers - much easier than piping everything!
  • The invitation & signage designed for the party
  • Handmade tissue paper flowers & tassels
  • The handmade royal icing skulls, guitars and chocolate leaf decorations for the cupcakes & cake
  • Nacho Bar!


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