Under the Sea Soiree

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An elegant Under The Sea Soiree I designed for my god daughter, Lauren's 10th birthday celebration featuring her favorite color: turquoise!

Favorite Items

To save on time, I ordered an undecorated 2-tier cake and decorated it myself with gorgeous seashells, starfishes and tropical blooms.  I even managed to airbrush it turquoise to mimic the ocean and used brown sugar to replicate sand on a beach....absolutely loved how it turned out!


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    Love all the underwater details. I have always wanted to try decorating cakes this way, but I do not know what to do with the seashells. How did you clean them before putting them on the cake?

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    Hi Recreate, thanks so much for your lovely comment :)
    I actually ordered edible sugar seashells from Etsy, but unfortunately the package got lost during shipment! I had to improvise, so I decided to soak some of the decorative seashells & starfishes in a bath of hot water and then gently scrubbed and rinsed it several times before placing them on the cake.

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    Hi Madison, thanks for your sweet comment! For the chairs, I purchased white chair covers, placed them over rented folding chairs and then tied them with turquoise satin sashes. I would suggest purchasing your linens, instead of renting them since the cost is almost identical, but you get to keep yours after the party! Check out: efavormart.com for fabulous deals on party linens and supplies! For the water bottles, I used a rattan border & starfish clipart I found online and created it using a label template (Avery label #8163 or 5163) on MS word. Stuck them onto the water bottles, then finished the look by tying raffia around them :)

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