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A classic nursery with attention to unique details combines to create a crisp room fit for a sweet baby boy. The paper airplane wall decal zips across the room to create a sense of whimsy. The white furniture sharply contrasts with the deep hues of the hardwood floors creating a crisp clean feeling. The funky sillhouettes take a playful approach to the family heritage and it's all tied together with a mint green rug with white polka dots.

Design Inspiration

I didn't want a theme. I wanted it to feel crisp, clean, with hints of whimsy. They are only babies for such a short time, I really wanted to take advantage of the "sweet baby" inspired room. I knew I wanted all white furniture and I knew I wanted it to feel calm yet playful for a really unique yet classic space.

Decorating Style

Ecclectic. I never "buy the room" I collect pieces and then find ways to fit them all together.

Project Details

Paint color: Light Silver Sage

Bedding: Maddie Boo "Tori"

Paperplane Wall Decal: Etsy

Polka Dot Rug:

Favorite Items

I love the airplane decal and the family sillhouettes.


Don't get caught up on a theme. Keep all the furniture one color and add interest by having unusual drawer pulls and colorful objects on display.


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    I really love this room, it so classic and charming! You’re advice is perfect.. i’m off to do just that!

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    Hi Love the room and the rug. Can you tell me where you got the rug from, cant seem to find it on the Pottery Barn website?


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    I got it at pottery barn kids but they don’t have it anymore :( They had it in pink and green. I’m sad it’s not available. I purchased it around 4 months ago.

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    Another of my favorite rooms here. What’s not to love? The wall color is a beautiful companion to the deep wood floors. The subtle touches of color with the clean white furniture is perfect. My absolute favorite though is the “family” art displayed on the shelf. That’s the most adorable idea!

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    I personally love the black on white drawing you have on Bentley + Samantha and then = Max :)  That’s pretty sweet.
    One suggestion though, would be to have a family picture alongside these :)

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    Definitely one of my favorites on Project Nursery! Thanks for the inspiring words of advice! Hope our baby girl’s nursery turns out just as nice!! Fantastic job!

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    Love it!! So clean, crisp, yet, cozy and personal! Just the look I am going for, Thanks for the ideas!!

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    For those that asked (and I was one of them!) the silhouettes are from Le Papier studio on Etsy.

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    Well done. Wonderful color choices, and the paper airplane is the icing on the cake!

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    A very classic room. Simplistic, clean, and warm. Thanks for sharing. Can you please comment on the furniture? Is it a specific collection or are they random pieces you’ve acquired over time for the room? Really like the white contrasting the richer wood flooring. 

    P.S. Love the blog on little Max. Clever photo shoots with the little one!

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    Regarding the furniture, the crib is Young America. The changing table is actually a cabinet I purchased at hobby lobby. It started out as dark wood, and served many purposes at my house as a buffet, tv stand, china cabinet…and then I had it spray painted white and turned it into a changing table as it is the perfect height and has a ton of storage, so be sure to look at pieces that can be converted into other things. The chest of drawers is from Ikea, and I purchased knobs for both the drawers and the changing table at Anthropologie. The shelving unit is from Crate and Barrel and the wall floating shelf is from West Elm. I hope that helps! Oh and the glider! I actually had the hardest time with this because I didnt’ have the budet for a $2,000 chair, and all the glider selections seem to be pretty ugly…but then I had an idea…I decided to recover the glider myself. So I found a white one at Toys R Us…it came with this drab khaki/green cushion. I went to Joann’s fabric and found fabric’s that would coordinate with the room. In their closeout section they had this green houndstooth pattern that was perfect and for the ottomon I selected a soft blue with little bumble bees on it. Honestly, it was so easy. I didn’t even sew. I literally just draped the green houndstooth fabric over the cushions, there are two cushions and then I safety pinned the fabric to the cushions to make it tight, it worked great. For the ottomon, I unscrewed the base and folded the fabric underneath, hot glued it in place and then screwed the base back on. Hope that helps!


    And thanks for looking at the blog!

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    Hi! Thank you! I found the wallprint at Z Gallerie.  And the tubs I found at TJ Maxx. They had the same ones at pottery barn kids but they were overpriced. Happy decorating!


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    Thiry-One gifts new 2012 Spring catalog is bringing out a print called Lotsa Dots. Very similar to the rug.

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