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Twins Puppy Birthday Party


To create a casual, fun puppy birthday party for my twin girls.

Design Inspiration

PUPPIES!!! They just adore puppies. They nicknamed each other "woof" and "doggy" and they pretend play doggy all the time. It just made sense.

Decorating Style

Preppy, trendy, fun. okay... and pink I suppose.

Project Details

I am a big fan of Etsy as you can see from my vendor list, probably because I have a my store there.

And really enjoy supporting other fellow Etsy shop owners. I adore that things are handmade, special, affordable and easy!!! I also love Pinterest so I absolutely got inspiration from there as well as searching in the project nursery gallery for puppy party to see how others approached the theme... and with anything you take the pieces from each party that speak to you. For me I fell in love with the adopt a puppy idea and it just kind of evolved from there. I think the important thing I have learned with parties is DO NOT try to DO everything! pick the things that speak to you and nail them. A couple nice ideas are enough to make the party special, coordinated, and memorable. I am pregnant with a second set of twins so for me ... I had to scale it down and use things I had, accept help setting up, and focus on a couple special details.

Houndstooth Pom Poms: Pom Love on Etsy

Houndstooth Party Bags: The Party Fairy on Etsy

Custom Homemade Birthday Hats: Karen Fudge on Etsy

Outdoor Blankets: Baby Stitch Boutique on Etsy

Invitations and Design -  dashie notes & co on Etsy

Cake Stand for Cookies - Cake Stand Lady on Etsy

Cookies: Stephanie Js Creations on Etsy

Cakes: I Dream of Jeanne Cakes

Dog Candy, Plush Puppies: Oriental Trading

Flowers: Roses of Sharon at Blossom Hill

Twin Shirt: Ice Cream Tees on Etsy

Favorite Items

Really pleased with how the adoption center came out. that came out better than I expected and the cakes with cookies and cake stand really were memorable. I had so much fun!!! and I love the shirt my husband wore (got on etsy) we are expecting our second set of twins ahhhh!


Search Project Nursery, Pinterest and Google images for your theme and save the ideas that speak the most to you. BUT.... trim, cut, tailor it back. DO NOT try to do it all. enjoy the process of party planning! we are so lucky these days to have so many great sites like project nursery that inspire us and make us excited to do more, coordinate, and pretend we are event planners for a day :-)


Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Hello! : ) Could you tell me where you got the little white picket fence you used to put the stuffed puppies in for your daughters' puppy party? Thanks! Rebecca