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Twinkle Little Star Shower


Twinkle Little Star is a neutral idea that can incorporate boy or girl features to make more personal. I started planning before I knew the baby's sex and just added touches of pink once I found out she's a girl.

Design Inspiration

My 2 1/2 yr old just loves twinkle twinkle little star and I when I found out I was pregnant again, it stuck with me and I couldn't wait to start planning the shower. It was a neutral theme that I could start planning without knowing the sex of the baby.

Decorating Style

I like sophisticated looks with just a touch of whimsy to make it for a child.

Project Details

Almost everything was DIY by searching online for star party or star shower. Using twinkle in the search narrowed it down too much. To keep track of all the ideas I just made a folder and saved pics that I wanted to come back to reference and when I was ready, I was able to look at the things that I really wanted to incorporate instead of having a million ideas floating in my head.

  • Banner made by using Cricut
  • Napkin Rings made with hole punches
  • Used a nursery rhyme book for the guest book
  • Cupcakes made by sis-in-law
  • Paper starts made in different colors and sizes with directions from
  • Used different sized star fondant and cookie cutters to cut stars for rice crispies (while still mushy), pineaple wedges, and fondant on cupcakes

Favorite Items

The sweet dreams banner. It gave everyone a cute place to take pics in front of.