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Twin Boys Dwell Studio Bedroom


This is my twins nursery designed by me! Erin Corcoran. I put my heart into this one. You can check out more images on my blog.

Design Inspiration

Dwell Studio was my design inspiration. I love baby modern, pops of color! I had a lot of fun designing this room and in reality the cost was under $500.

Decorating Style

Classic Modern.

Project Details

Art: We have a very common fabric mural along with a very common "keep calm and carry on" sign. Eventually I finally got around to doing there Monogrammed Initials above each crib. We found this door for free and painted it bright orange. With the left over orange I plan on doing a couple book ends and frame to coordinate. Furniture: Twins are expensive! I believe a great nursery doesn't revolve around expensive furniture but, fine fabric! Textiles are everything so we found ikea to be a great help. This dresser is great for two babies and wonderful to store everything. The two cribs are also from ikea along with the hanging light. We have a eames rocker which is a wonderful touch and the play table is a decoupage with left over Dwell Studio dotscape fabric. Bedding is Dwell Studio for target. Changing cover is Dwell Studio. DIY: Curtians were actually a dwell studio for target shower curtain, the table is a decoupage diy, the fabric mural, the monogrammed dots. One thing we have yet to do in here is the rug! that will be another DIY, ever painted a rug, were about too! non toxic paint of coarse.

Favorite Items

I love everything. :)


If your not a 3.8 bagillionaire and your on a budget like us. It's really amazing how you can become creative. I suggest spending money on textiles. Don't buy a "changing table" be creative and use a dresser. How modern is ours! its from ikea :) If you have twins spend that money where it needs to go, on diapers, food and most importantly, a-good-stroller!


Sunday 28th of August 2011

Super information! I really appreciate you making the effort to share this. Thanks!


Sunday 28th of August 2011

I love everything about this room. So glad to see a modern nursery that doesn't look sparse. Well done!

Otilia Eastburn

Sunday 28th of August 2011

I am kind of disappointed that I only just discovered your internet site a week ago. But, Concerning added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, and between a couple Arbitron feeds. Keep feeding my brain. Thanks a ton


Friday 26th of August 2011

What a beautiful room! I also have twin boys - yours are too cute! Can you please let me know what color gray you used on the walls? It is the exact shade I am wanting! Thank you for your inspiration!


Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

Yes, we can see that the room's very Dwell Studio =) Dwell Studio has really beautiful beddings and fabrics. It emphasizes the classy look of simplistic patterns and designs. You did a really good job with the room.