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Tulip’s Mid-Century Farmhouse Nursery


I am sharing this project as visual inspiration for those who may be interested in putting together a neutral nursery that can be customized for either gender with personal items. Also, to share with my family and friends who don't have the opportunity to visit us personally but, want to see the finished product.

As our last planned child, and the last nursery I knew I'd be decorating, I wanted to make a serene and comfortable environment that wasn't too childish and something that our daughter can grow with in years to come. I also knew I wanted to use a mostly monochromatic color palette that could be personalized with gender specific items and pops of brighter colors. For example, I custom dyed my crib sheets.

Everything has a light and airy, farmhouse feel, but the midcentury furniture keeps the look modern. This is, by far, my favorite room in my house, right now. I'm so excited for our little lady to move in!

P.S. In these photos there are still some power cords we need to conceal for safety reasons. The purpose of these photos is to display the overall aesthetic of the room itself.


Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

Love seeing my little "Cow" there! Beautiful