Troy’s room

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Ikea's bed, bedding and acessories. Wall stickers - by Teodoru Badiu, Austrian artist.

Design Inspiration

Magical world of Teodoru Badiu's creatures inspired us. We wanted a room with bright exciting colors and art. Troy loves to hang his own drawings next to the "Octoboy Gang" repositionable stickers. 

Decorating Style

Contemporary, colorful.

Project Details

Favorite Items

"Octoboy Gang" stickers


It was too easy...


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    I love the colors you have here, but am not too sure about the wall stickers… Maybe you could have gone with robots instead of fantasy characters?

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    I’ve been looking for a bed like that that guards your kid from rolling over the bed and onto the floor. Did you get that from Ikea? I swear I’ve looked all around.

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