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Keeping Kids Entertained During Vacations


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Project Nursery is all about creating beauty and functionality around you at home, ensuring the home is a place every family member wants to spend time in. But occasionally, we all want to take a break from the everyday lives and have a short vacation. While holidays often feel the most relaxing for us adults, children need plenty of stimulation to keep busy. So whether you are going away for a vacation or staying home for the holidays, here are tips for keeping the kids entertained.

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Fun activities when staying at home

If you’re spending vacations at home, you’ll need to be extra creative. It’s always easier to keep kids happy away from home, as they have new things around them to explore. But entertaining kids at home doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.


Visit your local library. Libraries aren’t just great for borrowing books, but they tend to be great entertainment hubs for families. Your local library might run special activities and events, such as story time or movie nights for kids.


Go camping in your backyard/living room. If you can’t go on a vacation elsewhere, you could just create a road trip at home. Take out tents and sleeping bags and sleep in your backyard. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can always transform your living room into a wilderness with fabrics and tents.


Bake together and let the kids sell their goods. Instill a bit of entrepreneurialism into your kids by creating a bake sale in the front yard. You can find cheaper baking equipment in online stores and create fantastic cupcakes and brownies for the kids to sell to neighbors or family members.


Craft holiday decorations. If you’re preparing for a vacation during a big holiday season, such as Halloween or Christmas, you can utilize the event as entertainment. Get your kids active by having them craft holiday decorations, cards and gifts. We love the ideas at Woohome, as they are easy to implement and there’s plenty of options available depending on your child’s abilities.

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Options on the road

You might also be heading out for a holiday elsewhere, which means you’ll need to answer the inevitable “Are we there yet?” To avoid listening to this question for the whole duration of the journey, here are a few entertainment suggestions for travel.


Play games. There are a number of suitable games to play on a train, airplane and car. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you can buy travel-size board games from stores such as Toys ‘R Us. On the other hand, you can also come up with your own board games, such as Car Bingo and I Spy.


Listen to audio books. Audiobooks are a fun way to keep children busy during travel. If the kids also have access to a tray, they could do drawings about the story they are listening. Check to find some astonishing discounts on popular audio book retailers like, and more.


Create a countdown to arrival. Your kids might stay happier if they are more aware of the distance or time left on the journey. You could create a countdown clock or display, either by marking down the hours or miles still left to travel. Once you’ve done an hour of travelling, the child could color away the number or rip it up into a bin.

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Entertainment at your destination

Although you’ll probably have a lot of things to explore at the destination, it’s a good idea to prepare for those moments when the kids get bored. This could happen if you don’t have enough options for them at the beach or during your mealtime, for example.


Pack a few essentials. Depending on the destination, it’s a good idea to pack a few essentials with you. This includes an inflatable balloon for the beach, a few toys to build sandcastles, a football or tennis rackets for a camping trip, board games to play indoors, coloring books and books to read.


Keeping a travel journal. You can further entertain the kids by asking them to create a travel journal, which could even be in the format of a newspaper. The kids could write down stories, interview locals and take plenty of photos, which you can edit in later.


With the above ideas you can make vacation time a lot more stress-free. Keeping kids entertained during the holidays just requires a bit of careful planning and imagination. Don’t forget to check Project Nursery for fantastic giveaways, as you can always win things that can help with the vacation blues!