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Tree Bookshelf & Owl Nursery


Leaves fluttering, books growing on trees and playful owls fill this outdoor themed nursery.

Design Inspiration

I originally made a birthday announcement for my son (before he was born to announce his name and invite family to the hospital for his very first birthday) that had owls on it.  I found many outdoor nursery ideas on Pinterest to pull this together.

Decorating Style

A vintage, retro, thrifted, DIY, crafted style. Pieced together along the way depending on my finds.

Project Details

Bookshelf & Book details:

Crafted details:

Favorite Items

The tree bookshelf, branch valance, flameless candle, bird cage mobile and vintage desk.


Keep your eyes open at thrift stores and yard sales because a lot of owl/outdoor trinkets can be found. Also, look around your yard or local park for branches, pinecones, leaves to make wreaths. Bring nature inside.

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  1. avatar avalon says:

    The nursery has a charming woodsland feel to it. The owl accessories or decors, albeit becoming a much too common theme or design inspiration nowadays, are really cute.

  2. avatar Kayla Spring says:

    Love the nesting owls.