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Transportation Themed 2nd Birthday


Happy little transportation themed party for a darling 2 year old boy. Chocolate malted cupcakes, party paper crafts and decor were so fun to make. Each child got to paint  their own car, which doubled as a party favor.

Design Inspiration

I picked a color scheme for the invitation that I designed.  Then just tried to tie it all together.

Decorating Style


Project Details

The Art Room is a great place for a party.

I made the banner/invites/cupcake toppers/signs. The cupcakes were such a hit I put up the recipe for the chocolate malted icing. You can find it here->

Favorite Items

I loved the wooden cars. The kids had so much fun painting and designing them.  They made a great party favor as well. The art room supplied the cars, paints and cute tee shirt smocks to cover the kiddo's party attire.

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  2. avatar Zen says:

    Yeah, the wooden toy cars are very cute. I wonder where they got the cars.

  3. avatar misericordeme says:

    Yes, the owner there is lovely, they are very helpful. It’s a great space.

  4. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I love the paint-your-own-car activity. Did the Art Room provide the wooden cars and the paint?