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Toy Story Themed Baby Boy Nursery


A toy story themed baby nursery for my baby boy due February 2015! It has taken me months to do and I have had a lot of fun with lots of different ideas. I hope you like it! See YouTube video and walk through.


Design Inspiration

Once me and my wife found out we were having a boy, There was only one theme I wanted to create. And I am very happy with it! I just can't wait for him to arrive now!

Decorating Style

Toy story themed, with a tad of some other pixar and Disney movies.

Project Details

Many of the items have been homemade, as you can see from the pictures.

Favorite Items

I love the name boxes, the monkies and the scrabble letters. All made from plywood and painted by myself.


Enjoy it! Have fun and it will look great....

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  1. avatar Ashley Nowlin says:

    What specifically did you do to make the name boxes? Measurements and where you purchased the letters?

  2. avatar Katie says:

    Where do you buy the boxes to make this I’ve looked everywhere and
    I can’t find them

  3. avatar Lacie says:

    Just wondering if the crib sheets were bought or handmade? I love the fabric!

  4. avatar Louise says:

    Never mind. Just read that you made them lol

  5. avatar Louise says:

    Where did you buy the block letters for the shelf?

  6. avatar Michael says:

    Hi how did you make those boxes thanks