Emmas Toddler Room Update

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So excited to share first photos of new layout ( still with Pinio furniture ).

So far that’s my favorite Emma’s room setup. I love the open house-shaped bed, how I was able to decorate it – and what kind of space was created after removing the infant bed.

As every other furniture from Pinio, the bed is very sturdy. You can pick a drawer for bedding. We’re not using it for now since I wanted the actual mattress to be as close to the ground as possible – so no drawer for now.

In front of the bed I’ve laid mats from Misioo Handmade, so that pretty much everything is leveled between the bed and floor.

Bed itself is also assembled with barriers (barely visible in pictures). I’ve put  sort of  solid bumper on the inside from Soft Creations. I realy like that it’s not as soft as competitors products. As you can see, we’re still using sleepyheadofsweden (dockatot). Emma sleeps in it since her birth, we’ve just changed the size – works perfectly for us.

There are Emma’s favorite plushies and decorative pillows (collegien, alim rose, snapthemoment, justdutch, poduchymartuchy, cuddleandkind, kidsconcept, homeandyou) placed around the bed. There’s also Zara Home overlay.

This time I wanted to provide Emma with a desk where she’d be able to polish her creative skills. She loves to draw!

And a bookstand – I wanted something open that will provide her easy access to her favorite toys. Top shelves are mostly stuffed with decorations.

That’s one of the coolest features in the room. We’ve painted a blackboard-magnetic house on one of the walls. Emma can draw on it with chalkor put magnets on it. They are an absolute hit, the ones on the photo are from Janod. Emma spends a lot of time fiddling with it so all the work put into it payed out.

I’m glad and using to the max the fact that I’m still putting clothes on Emma. Having a girl gives you the opportunity to buy her all the pretty clothes. You can go bancrupt, but how could I resist that?

The end :) I hope you like dit!

Emma is stoked, she loves her new bed, tea corner, magnetic table. She loves spending time in her room, sometimes when I’m busy in the kitchen / living room, she sneaks out there on her own. Turns on the radio and dresses her dolls :D

It’s a cool age, kid is mobile, can somehow communicate, use her imagination. Shows empathy and general feelings towards plushies / dolls. But still, she’s so little. One thing I’m sure about is that kids grow up too fast, for sure!

I love decorating Emma’s room and adjsuting it for next stages of her development. I doubt it’s the last post in this series : )


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