Tina’s Baby Shower

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My dear friend from high school is finally expecting her baby girl. I had the pleasure of working with our mutual fabulous friend Billye on the event.

Design Inspiration

The mother-to-be picked out the invitation and that lead to the color inspiration and polka dot theme.

Decorating Style

Quirky and cute.

Project Details

My favorite detail on this project was the tiny bunting around the cupcake stands.  This was made out of patterned cardsock, plain cardstock, ribbon and a hole punch.

Amazon.com profvided the adorable polka dot baloons.  Unfortunately they don't have yellow.  I didn't find the yellow baloons until after the shower. :(

The cartoon illustration items were all made by me


Favorite Items

The desert table


Plan, plan, plan... and then be prepared to wing it. LOL  All of the planning really helped us with the table.  But there are things that will happen and you just have to go with it.


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    This green polka-dot baby shower looks so cool. And the food and treats on the dessert table look really yummy. Does Tina really look a lot like the graphic illustration on her welcome banner? *Just curious*

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