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This Nursery is for the Birds… and Your Sweet Baby


Little girl nursery with vintage feel. Chandalier, tree, birds, wood floor....

Design Inspiration

A lyric from and Avett Brothers song served as the inspiration for this nursery... "She knows which birds are singing and the names of the trees where they're performing, in the morning."  This lyric was painted on the outside of her door so it is read as you enter the room.

Decorating Style

My style is typically vintage, shabby chic, and Anthropologie-esque.  I love birds and the ocean.  Color and accent inspiration often draws from these 2 things.

Mixing textures and layering colors gives room dimension.

Project Details

The brown is a nice cheery brown called interactive cream from sherwin williams.  (I have recieved numerous compliments on what a nice soothing and cheerful brown this is!) The ceiling is white with a crown molding trim.

The chandalier is from Ballard Design.

The wood floor was damaged (We had pulled back the carpet from the previous owners to discover it.)  So we painted it white.

The dresser is a vintage piece painted bright green and then stained over with a dark walnut stain.  The basket sitting on it to hold her animals is an old bicicle basket from an antique shop.  Her lamp, wicker table, and artwork are finds from antique shops as well.

The shelf is actually meant for a bathroom but is perfect for a nursery because it fits thos unsightly odds and ends in cute little mason jars in the compartments and serves to hang her extra blamket and burp cloths on the bar.

Her bedding, bookshelf, and rug are from pottery barn kids.

The curtains are from pottery barn.  I hung 96 inch to make the window appear larger and more elegant.  I hung a sheer/lacy/polka dot panel from ikea over the striped curtains to soften them up and make it feel more relaxed and dream like.

Her name is written with kid letters from Anthropologie above her crib.

I replaced her doorknob with a fancy one from Anthropologie.

The tree and birds on the wall are a decal from deli decals online.  They are fabulous to work with!

2 of the photos above were taken by Jean Smith... the one with the collage of pics and the one with mommy and baby in it.  She is an AMAZING photographer out of Michigan.

Favorite Items

The whole thing...  Each element was chosen carefully so that I would LOVE the enitre thing.  


Look at antique shops or for items in your house that can be repurposed.  Layer your whites by having cream... off white... white... not everything has to match... nor should it!

Make sure you LOVE every piece you put in there.  It will all come together.

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  1. avatar sonleigh says:

    Thank you!  I originally got the bathroom shelf at pottery barn years ago… but you can find similar ones online if you search for them. 

  2. avatar sonleigh says:

    Thank you!  I originally got the bathroom shelf at pottery barn years ago… but you can find similar ones online if you search for them. 

  3. avatar PinkandBlue says:

    Great room!!! I love the feel and overall look! Could you tell me where you purchased the bathroom shelf?

  4. avatar sonleigh says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them too!  If I ever have a boy his first name will be Avett. 

    I knew I wanted to do a bird theme so I chose that lyric out of all the amazing choices they have.  Just be sure to choose one that speaks to you… the problem I guess is that so many of them do!! =)

  5. avatar asuslp says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Avett Bros, and that is one of my all-time favorite lyric quotes!  I have actually been trying to decide which Avett lyrics to use on my daughter’s wall!

  6. avatar sonleigh says:

    Thanks for your comment!  That was very nice.  The light filters in so nice because of how we layered the light blocking curtains underneath the light weight ones from Ikea.

    The floor was scratched up and there were a few spots of what appeared to be water damage.

    Floor: We sanded and cleaned the floor real well.  Then we applied a primer.  The next step was to paint… without getting painted into a corner!  After I did this I heard a tip on using porch paint… I hear that is more durable for walking.  We sealed it in the end… we used a polycrilic so that it wouldn’t yellow the floor.  Polyurithane is more durable but turns a yellow color. 

    I have also pickled a floor in my house.  Pickeling is beautiful.  It is the same process as staining but it turns a milky white color.  Depending on how long you leave it on before you wipe it off and how many times you go over the floor will depend on how white it is.

  7. avatar Ken says:

    I sure love how the light filters into this room :)  It makes the room feel warm and light!  What did you do to the floor before you’ve painted it?  What sort of damage was there?  I love how you’ve used vintage accents here, without going for that severe and old look most vintage rooms have.  This has got to be my most favorite vintage-themed room on here :)