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Third Times a Charm


I’m a tried and true terrible shopper, so i usually pigeon-hole myself to two stores - Land of Nod and Pottery Barn. For this space I wanted to create something completely unique for our baby girl #3 - our last and final and done done done baby. No more. No, we’re not trying for a boy. Ha! So...I took pieces that we had in nursery #1 and #2, painted them and changed fixtures. I picked up a new slipcover for a chair I bought on Craig’s List and finally bought a rug for the space to brighten up / cover up the carpet. I ended up painting the feature wall just a simple white. A white I knew was going to look great because it’s on the ceiling and closet doors as well. I picked out some Urban Walls dots to make it a little more special and shopped on Etsy for some inexpensive, downloadable prints. I visited our local plant nursery to pick out a few plants and planters for the space...because I’ve finally learned how to keep a plant alive...and greenery to any room makes it more homey! And the custom Idaho print above the refinished dresser was gifted to us by a sweet friend and very talented artist! It even marks where our farm is!

Most everything in the room was simply reworked as opposed to purchased...since this is our third baby girl! The dresser and changing table were both from Pottery Barn and I didn’t want to mess them up and then be mad at myself for years to come. So...I paid a local gal and she did a wonderful job with the sanding, sanding, painting painting and installing the new pulls. I'm so glad we took the dresser from navy and silver to the sweetest, softest mint with gold accents.

I did paint the feature wall and install the Urban Wall dots! Pat on the back for that.

I really love the whole nursery. I think I love it because it’s the first house project I’ve taken on that truly feels finished to me. But...the crib wall. Love it. That’s my favorite part. The porthole mirror. The prints that flank it. The color combo. It's all just so clean and peaceful. Since this is the third and last time this particular room has been redone as a nursery for a girl I really wanted to get it right. It's amazing what can be accomplished with a little paint and a few new accessories!

Elli's big sisters and I just love hanging out in that space...which is good, because we log lots of time int here!

When putting this room together I picked pieces that I knew would grow with the baby. Not only that, but I’m a firm believer in room-sharing. I shared with my sister and the memories I have are some of the best from my childhood. So...currently my 5 and 3 year old share and I have every intention of packing one more daughter into our large downstairs bedroom in a few years. What’s nice is both the nursery and that room have a similar feel, so a lot of the decor will easily incorporate when we make that transition. Now...wish us luck with baby girl #3...particularly my farmer husband. He’s so outnumbered it’s not even funny. Okay, it’s funny.

You can learn more about Karli and her nursery (and her three wild girls) over at and


Friday 23rd of February 2018

Love your story and your philosophy on sharing a room. You should share your big girl space with us too! Having that dresser repainted in mint was sheer genius—I love it!