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Theryn’s Nursery


ModShabbyChic? i found a quilt on etsy that i just loved and that was the catalyst for her room. it turned out much girlier than i would have ever planned (with faux crystal accents! who knew?) i absolutely adore it though.

Design Inspiration

her quilt that i found on etsy... made of vintage stips of material. and a strong desire to steer clear of pink and purple.

Decorating Style

old --- i like old things. i want my style to look as though its been there forever and not just like i ran out to pottery barn and purchased a girls nursery.

Project Details

My favorite DIY was the shelves. Purchased from Target, i also bought wrapping paper and lined the back of the shelves. Everyone always comments on that. I had seen it in several magazines and on tv, but this was the first time i attempted it. Major hit!

Favorite Items

Her bumper. I made it. I purchased a plain white bumper from Ikea and used fabric glue to apply strips ribbon in a random order. I really, really love it!


Don't get in a hurry. When you try to accomplish a look that should feel like its been there for some time, it actually takes time. Don't think that you can run to 5 different stores in one day and accumulate the small details that make a room yours.

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  1. avatar ksc077 says:

    great pieces in your nursery!  where did you get the green polka dot change pad cover?

  2. avatar toniparrish says:

    i made the mobile. the hanger part is a photo mobile that i found at urban outfitter. the pics are a little blurry but i only had my phone to use at the time. sorry! :)

  3. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Ooh… a television in the nursery! I love it. I also adore your bedding!

  4. avatar amanda1433 says:

    where did you find the mobile?

  5. avatar BuenaMano says:

    I like that you did a sort of mix-and-match with this nursery and everything turned out so lovely. But yeah, I agree with butterscotch. Do you have photos of better quality?

  6. avatar butterscotch says:

    Love the colors you used. I just think your photos are not so clear. We could have appreciated the details of the room better.