Teddi’s Dreamscape

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An eclectic mix of old and new furnishings, exciting artwork and lots of pattern layered atop a neutral backdrop. Photos by Bposh Photography. bposhphoto.com

Design Inspiration

Decorating my first baby's room was so exciting! I wanted to create a space that could grow with my child. Something that would not have to be changed when she got older. I began with a gray and white as the base colors for the room as I stated decorating before I knew if I was having a boy or girl, this way the room could accommodate either with a few simple changes. After that, I chose furnishings that would work in a small space, items that provided good storage and would stand the test of time. I wanted exciting artwork and color. The drapery fabric and framed Art Calendar did just that. I love that the calendar can be changed out every year; something I thought my daughter would always look forward to and have fun with. We wanted a room that would feel truly special to her. I hope she enjoys growing up in it!

Decorating Style

I believe a room can be both beautiful and practical with a good mixture of old and new. Every piece should have a purpose. I love pattern and color and one of a kind artwork, I think it brings soul to a space.  And of course, every room needs a little sparkle and glamour!

Project Details

Mirror: Ballard Designs

Crib: Bellini

Rug: Wayfair

Glider and animal heads: West Elm

Calendar: Paper Source

Book Ledges: Land of Nod

Chandelier: Overstock


Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room is the paper flower branch above the glider. It was made for me by my husband as a first anniversary gift (The traditional one-year gift is paper) he spent hours making each rosette and I wanted to frame it in a way that would protect it so it could be a forever keepsake. I thought it was the perfect addition to our daughter's room. I hope when she looks at it, she will always know how much her dad loves her and her mama.


Don't be afraid to be bold! Everyone thought I was nuts for wallpapering the ceiling but I love the way it turned out. Layering patterns and colors will give your space great depth. Shop everywhere, there are just as many treasures awaiting you at a flea market as at a big box store.


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    Love all the art that’s in this room. And those paper flowers as anniversary gift? Such a nice, sentimental touch!

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    I love the fold out changing table! Is that custom? If so, do you have suggestions on how to make it? I have a very similar dresser (same size, color, number of drawers, etc) and am looking for a changing pad solution for the top. This looks perfect :)

  9. 9

    I actually had them made. I priced them out EVERYWHERE and they were so expensive! I went to my local frame shop armed w coupons and told them to make me the cheapest gold frames possible. I also told them not to put prints in, you can often get a discount if you put the prints in yourself. I

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    Thank you! I LOVE this changing table, it makes life so much easier!! It is not custom. It’s a Bellini hand-me-down from a friend. It attaches to any surface and is easily removable when your child outgrows it. I had it sprayed to match the room. It is on hinges and folds down to a smaller size. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap but so worth it!!

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