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The Mitchell Twins


This project is very special to me, because it's for my babies!  We were pleasantly surprised to find out we were expecting TWIN boys.  I couldn't wait to get started!

Design Inspiration

I either wanted to do a boho baby or a classic baby vibe for their nursery.  I decided that classic was the way to go.  They are going to want a hand in their rooms when they're older and won't want it to be baby.  They are only babies once!

Decorating Style

Updated traditional.  I like clean lines and pieces, fabrics and a feel that is classic.  I don't like to be too trendy and have to change key pieces too often.

Project Details

  • I did the Harper bedding collection in navy from pb kids; can't go wrong. I didn't want to get the Harper quilt because it is $100.00 and they wont even use it!  I bought white quilts online for $40.00 each instead and had their monograms put on them.
  • The dresser in their room was in my closet and has to be from the 80's.  I painted it Valspar corduroy black (it's actually a navy), added new knobs and I just love it!
  • The chandelier is from Lowes and was $80.00 .  I spray painted it white, bought the shades from Lowes as well and added navy grow grain ribbon with a hot glue gun.
  • The curtains are from pb kids as well.  I did two panels on each side to make them fuller.
  • Of course, a ton of accessories are from HomeGoods; what would I do without? ;)


Favorite Items

I love the vintage Babar prints I found at the Paris flea market.  I also love the stripes.


If you are trying to conquer stripes....

  • Have someone who is meticulous tape off the room
  • Paint over the tape with your base coat (this will prevent bleeding), then go back and paint the colored stripe once the base coat has dried

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  1. avatar Abigail New says:

    Could you share where you got the sisal rug from?

  2. avatar Hadassah McDonald says:

    Hi! I am wanting to redo some dressers for my boys like the one you have, but when I visited Lowe’s it looks like the valspar corduroy black is really more of a charcoal color. Did you go over it with a royal blue or navy gloss?

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  4. avatar Leslie says:

    Hi! this room is fabulous! I am getting ready to paint stripes in my son’s room. Could you please tell me roughly how wide your stripes are? They are perfect! Thanks so much!

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  6. avatar Emerson Grey Designs says:

    She may have meant Aleutian SW 6241…try that as a starting point, it looks very similar.

  7. avatar gteach says:

    Is Illusion the Sherwin WIliams color? I had a hard time finding it on the SW site. Thank you!

  8. avatar shasta2144 says:

    The blue stripes are done in illusion from Sherwin Williams.

  9. avatar shasta2144 says:

    The jute rug is from Ikea and the cowhide is from SAMs Club believe it or not! :)

  10. avatar jillian says:

    who makes the cribs? love them!

  11. avatar becki says:

    So beautiful! What color did you use for the blue stripes on the wall?

  12. avatar Claire says:

    Where is the rug from? just lovely.

  13. avatar meredith says:

    i love this nursery – awesome job!! i have twin boys too and you nailed it!

  14. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    What a beautiful room!

  15. avatar Janey says:

    So beautiful!