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The Girl’s Room


The Girl's Bedroom

Project Details

Nearly everything in the room was either a hand-me-down, purchased at a garage sale, or handmade by us.

Favorite Items

I love the junk store find dresser, the garage saleΒ  iron bed and the play kitchen and bookshelf that we made for her.

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  1. avatar Recreate says:

    What an artsy-crafty room! Any girl would love this. Love all the interesting what-nots on the walls. I also like quilts because they give a warm and personalized touch to a room, mainly because quilts are handmade.

  2. avatar Starlight Juliet says:

    Lots of cute ideas but I think the overall effect is too cluttered

  3. avatar Hollyjwsmall says:

    How sweet. I really like the breakfast nook too.