The Feminine Touch by Designer Tracy Davis of Urban Dwellings

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This project was designed to be a special, personal place for a little girl to enjoy throughout the many stages of youth.

Design Inspiration

My design inspiration for Thea's bedroom and adjacent playroom was based on the desire to create a unique, individual space -- a space that was so personal and fun that as she grew up, she would enthusiastically return to share it with her friends....and maybe even with her own children someday.

Decorating Style

Imaginative and decorative.

Project Details

A large portion of this project design was customized -- the story that inspired the room mural, the soft goods and the puppet theater. The play room accessories were selected from the Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids. And I loved using Serena and Lily's oversize green and white paisley bedding and fabric for the bedroom.

Favorite Items

The monkey!


Yes -- enjoy the process, making it a personal extension of your child's personality. It's a wonderful opportunity to combine those special moments of your childhood into the world that is created for your children.


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    Very very lovely room. What shade of green did you use? I absolutely love it! The ceiling structure, with its slopes and angles, adds to the charm of the room and makes it more interesting.

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